Author: AnaLouise Keating

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292725553

Category: Social Science

Page: 293

View: 428

The inspirational writings of cultural theorist and social justice activist Gloria Anzaldúa have empowered generations of women and men throughout the world. Charting the multiplicity of Anzaldúa’s impact within and beyond academic disciplines, community trenches, and international borders, Bridging presents more than thirty reflections on her work and her life, examining vibrant facets in surprising new ways and inviting readers to engage with these intimate, heartfelt contributions. Bridging is divided into five sections: The New Mestizas: “transitions and transformations”; Exposing the Wounds: “You gave me permission to fly in the dark”; Border Crossings: Inner Struggles, Outer Change; Bridging Theories: Intellectual Activism with/in Borders; and “Todas somos nos/otras”: Toward a “politics of openness.” Contributors, who include Norma Elia Cantú, Elisa Facio, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Aída Hurtado, Andrea Lunsford, Denise Segura, Gloria Steinem, and Mohammad Tamdgidi, represent a broad range of generations, professions, academic disciplines, and national backgrounds. Critically engaging with Anzaldúa’s theories and building on her work, they use virtual diaries, transformational theory, poetry, empirical research, autobiographical narrative, and other genres to creatively explore and boldly enact future directions for Anzaldúan studies. A book whose form and content reflect Anzaldúa’s diverse audience, Bridging perpetuates Anzaldúa’s spirit through groundbreaking praxis and visionary insights into culture, gender, sexuality, religion, aesthetics, and politics. This is a collection whose span is as broad and dazzling as Anzaldúa herself.

Cinema and Popular Geo-politics

Cinema and Popular Geo-politics

Author: Marcus Power

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317999171

Category: Political Science

Page: 305

View: 591

With a detailed range of approaches, this new collection investigates how cinematic narratives can and have been used to portray different political 'threats' and 'dangers'. Including a range of chapters with a contemporary focus, it studies issues such as: how the geopolitical world has been constructed through film how cinema can provide explanatory narratives in periods of cultural and political anxiety, uneasiness and uncertainty. Examining the ways in which film impacts upon popular understandings of national identity and the changing geopolitical world, the book looks at how audiences make sense of the (geo)political messages and meanings contained within a variety of films - from the US productions of Hollywood, to Palestinian, Mexican, British, and German cinematic traditions. This thought-provoking book draws on an international range of contributions to discuss and fully investigate world cinema in light of key contemporary issues. This book was previously published as a special issue of Geopolitics.

A Qualitative Analysis of the Jehovah's Witnesses

A Qualitative Analysis of the Jehovah's Witnesses

Author: Daniel Cronn-Mills

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105024910122

Category: Interpersonal communication

Page: 254

View: 458

Jehovah's Witnesses are possibly one of the most persecuted Christian organizations in the 20th century. How the Witnesses shape their response to persecution is invariably associated with the social reality they construct in their rhetorical practices. This is a descriptive analysis and interpretation of the social reality constructed by the discourse of the Jehovah Witnesses, utilizing a qualitative-interpretive approach for exploration into a social reality. The purpose is to determine how the textual and contextual reality of Jehovah's Witnesses influences their lives and courses of action, how discursive practices are fundamental to their understanding of themselves and others.

Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education

Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789460911774

Category: Education

Page: 588

View: 145

In academia, the effects of the “cultural turn” have been felt deeply. In everyday life, tenets from cultural politics have influenced how people behave or regard their options for action, such as the reconfiguration of social movements, protests, and praxis in general.

Exploring the Collective Unconscious in the Age of Digital Media

Exploring the Collective Unconscious in the Age of Digital Media

Author: Schafer, Stephen Brock

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466698925

Category: Psychology

Page: 316

View: 683

For decades we have witnessed the emergence of a media age of illusion that is based on the principles of physics—the multidimensionality, immateriality, and non-locality of the unified field of energy and information—as a virtual reality. As a result, a new paradigm shift has reframed the cognitive unconscious of individuals and collectives and generated a worldview in which mediated illusion prevails. Exploring the Collective Unconscious in a Digital Age investigates the cognitive significance of an altered mediated reality that appears to have all the dimensions of a dreamscape. This book presents the idea that if the digital media-sphere proves to be structurally and functionally analogous to a dreamscape, the Collective Unconscious researched by Carl Jung and the Cognitive Unconscious researched by George Lakoff are susceptible to research according to the parameters of hard science. This pivotal research-based publication is ideally designed for use by psychologists, theorists, researchers, and graduate-level students studying human cognition and the influence of the digital media revolution.

From a Changeling Star

From a Changeling Star

Author: Jeffrey A. Carver

Publisher: Starstream Publications

ISBN: 9781611384185

Category: Fiction

Page: 355

View: 804

Into a dying star . . . Beneath the roiling surface of Betelgeuse, scientists anxiously await the one man essential to the success of Starmuse, the greatest engineering project in human history. But on Kantano’s World, Willard Ruskin battles invisible agents for control of his life, his physical form, and even his memories. Drawn into a conflict from which not even death will free him, Ruskin must find a way to reach Betelgeuse before his enemies sabotage Starmuse—and humanity’s future among the stars. A harrowing journey from inside the human cell... to the mind of a dying star. A stunning blend of hard science fiction with moving characterization, both human and otherwise. Introduces the robot Jeaves, familiar to readers of The Chaos Chronicles. From the Nebula-nominated author of Eternity’s End. Original print publication by Bantam Spectra. A Locus bestseller. REVIEW QUOTES: “Starts with a bang and keeps getting better. Carver handles not one, but two hot topics, and presents both vividly.” —David Brin, author of Existence and Startide Rising “Running from the micro to the macro and back again, redefining sentience, space-time, and perhaps humanity along the way, From a Changeling Star is a fast-paced puzzler, rich in invention, and Jeffrey A. Carver’s most ambitious book to date.” —Roger Zelazny “As audacious and imaginative as the best of John Varley, with characters as memorable as those of Sturgeon or Zelazny, and with one of the most powerful endings in science fiction, this book will both hold and reward your attention.” —Spider Robinson, author of The Stardance Trilogy and Variable Star “Carver does an excellent job of tickling your sense of wonder, and in the end he leaves you both satisfied and craving another serving of his considerable talent.” —Tom Easton, Analog

Historical Dictionary of Islam

Historical Dictionary of Islam

Author: Ludwig W. Adamec

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810863033

Category: Religion

Page: 521

View: 834

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Islam presents a concise overview of Islamic history, religion, philosophy, and Islamic political movements.

The Rotarian

The Rotarian





Page: 80

View: 883

Established in 1911, The Rotarian is the official magazine of Rotary International and is circulated worldwide. Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and departments about, or of interest to, Rotarians. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners – from Mahatma Ghandi to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – have written for the magazine.

Democracy and Development

Democracy and Development

Author: R.C. Bhardwaj

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429865237

Category: Political Science

Page: 222

View: 316

Published in 1998. The question of whether democracy and development are allies or adversaries has long been debated and with the triumph of the democratic spirit worldwide the relationship between democracy and development has once again come to attract much attention globally. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the developments in Eastern Europe led to considerable rethinking in political circles on the efficacy of the economic policies pursued in those countries and the long-term viability of political systems prevalent there. Elsewhere, several newly industrialized countries are striving to consolidate their gains, though there are differing perceptions of whether their politics conform to the classical framework of democracy or not. In a remarkable turn-around, some other countries have initiated measures for economic reforms and structural adjustment, setting aside their earlier approaches towards economic management. In short, the last decades of this millennium have witnessed meaningful efforts worldwide on forging a new partnership between democracy and development. In February 1996, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association jointly organized a conference entitled 'Parliamentary Democracy and Development': Allies or Adversaries?’ with the Wilton Park, an international agency of the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office in Wilton House, West Sussex, United Kingdom. The week-long conference brought together parliamentarians, diplomats, administrators, political scientists, economists and specialists from all over the world. The participants shared their views and experiences on diverse aspects of the main theme. This publication presents an essentially parliamentary perspective on the correlation between democracy and development based on the discussions at the Wilton Park conference and in the light of current thinking on the subject matter.