Guide to the Study of United States Imprints

Guide to the Study of United States Imprints

Author: George Thomas Tanselle

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674367618

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1146

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This book provides a basic guide to the study of the printed matter which has been produced in the United States. The great bulk of research in this field has occurred during the last half century, yet no comprehensive attempt has been made to record it. Recognizing the need for an up-to-date guide to such investigations, G. Thomas Tanselle has compiled a listing of the principal material dealing with printing and publishing in this country. In his introduction Mr. Tanselle surveys the research which has attempted to trace the history of printing and publishing in America from its inception to the present and explains how this material can be utilized effectively. In nine carefully arranged categories he covers bibliographies of imprints of particular localities; bibliographies of works in particular genres; listings of all editions and printings of works by individual writers; copyright records; catalogues of auction houses, book dealers, exhibitions, institutional libraries, and private collections; retrospective book-trade directories; studies of individual printers and publishers; general studies of printing and publishing; and checklists of secondary material. From the mass of material, an appendix selects 250 titles. Although the work is arranged so that the reader may easily locate relevant sections, a comprehensive index provides further aid in finding individual items. "A successful checklist," writes the author, "is not merely a work to be consulted for information but also a nucleus around which additional information can be gathered in a meaningful way; it provides a framework into which the community of workers in a field can place further references in an organized fashion." Guide to the Study of United States Imprints is a reference tool designed to serve both as a guide to research and as a practical manual for use in identifying, cataloguing, and recording printed matter. It will be of enormous value to scholars in American literature, history, and bibliography, to librarians, typographers, and bibliophiles, and to antiquarian book dealers and book collectors.

American Learned Men and Women with Czechoslovak Roots

American Learned Men and Women with Czechoslovak Roots

Author: Mila Rechcigl

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728371597

Category: Reference

Page: 966

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Apart from a few articles, no comprehensive study has been written about the learned men and women in America with Czechoslovak roots. That’s what this compendium is all about, with the focus on immigration from the period of mass migration and beyond, irrespective whether they were born in their European ancestral homes or whether they have descended from them. Czech and Slovak immigrants, including Bohemian Jews, have brought to the New World their talents, their ingenuity, their technical skills, their scientific knowhow, and their humanistic and spiritual upbringing, reflecting upon the richness of their culture and traditions, developed throughout centuries in their ancestral home. This accounts for the remarkable success and achievements of these settlers in their new home, transcending through their descendants, as this monograph demonstrates. The monograph has been organized into sections by subject areas, i.e., Scholars, Social Scientists, Biological Scientists, and Physical Scientists. Each individual entry is usually accompanied with literature, and additional biographical sources for readers who wish to pursue a deeper study. The selection of individuals has been strictly based on geographical ground, without regards to their native language or ethical background. This was because under the Habsburg rule the official language was German and any nationalistic aspirations were not tolerated. Consequently, it would be virtually impossible to determine their innate ethnic roots or how the respective individuals felt. Doing it in any other way would be a mere guessing, and, thus, less objective.

Notable American Women with Czechoslovak Roots

Notable American Women with Czechoslovak Roots

Author: Miloslav Rechcigl Jr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728321394

Category: History

Page: 858

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Even though there exist only a few general studies on the subject of Czechoslovak American women, this is not, at all, a reflection of the paucity of work done by these women, as this publication demonstrates. This monograph is a compendium of notable American women with Czechoslovak roots, who distinguished themselves in a particular field or area, from the time they first immigrated to America to date. Included are, not only individuals born on the territory of former Czechoslovakia, but also their descendants. This project has been approached strictly geographically, irrespective of the language or ethnicity. Because of the lack of bibliographical information, most of the monograph comprises biobibliographical information, in which area a plethora of information exists. As the reader will discover, these women have been involved, practically, in every field of human endeavor, in numbers that surprise. On the whole, they have been noted for their independent spirit and nonconforming role.