Civic Engagement, Civil Society And Philanthropy in the USA, Romanian & Mexico

Civic Engagement, Civil Society And Philanthropy in the USA, Romanian & Mexico

Author: Dr. Olga Magdalena Lazin

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781641665971

Category: Education

Page: 760

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“Decentralized Globalization” cites analysis and data proving the effectiveness of all Free Trade Agreements, especially within NAFTA. It has done a world of good. California is perfectly intertwined with the Mexican economy; the balance struck being a perfect model for the rest of the World. The race for Free Trade agreements and elimination of tariff has started long time ago with the creation of the EU, and it works. Civic society keeps the government honest and clamors to take into account the non-governmental interest groups. E.g. to reform Constitutions. Too many countries will need to change from their judicial systems, from “guilty until proven innocent to “innocent until proven guilty”, which should be the norm in the twenty-first Century.

Decentralized Globalization: U. S. Foundations, Civic and Civil Society and the Rise of NPPOS

Decentralized Globalization: U. S. Foundations, Civic and Civil Society and the Rise of NPPOS

Author: Olga Lazin


ISBN: 1973465965


Page: 128

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Published in Spring 2007, this book is about the History of Globalization Since 1942. A classic Doctoral Dissertation at UCLA"Decentralized Globalization" provides a fresh, multi-dimensional viewpoint on Fast Track globalization, and the 13 pronged criteria for evaluation. Enmeshed with Blockchain technology, with its digital security implements, fits in perfectly with its multiple benefits. One of these benefits are in protecting political refugees coming into the U.S. And the European Union.Decentralized data storage is imperative also in storing land titles in the U.S. and Latin American countries. I admire Fernando de Soto, in his "The Mystery of Capitalism," where having a house, one can use as a collateral for other enterprises, can save the middle class in countries like Mexico, Peru, or any Latin American developed country. In this it is unlike other globalization literature, which tends to be written either in favor or against globalization, or highlight cross-border issues such as economic dislocation, the spread of pandemic disease, cultural assimilation, rapid decrease in transportation times, immigration, or the growth of drug-trafficking and crime cartels. A new approach by Lazin proves that civil society should act as a check on executive powers in all countries, to counteract nationalistic representatives authorized to do so. The rise of civic engagement of citizenry, and civil society is fervently analyzed in countries with reemerging democracies, like Romania, Hungary, and Mexico.Lazin acknowledges that readers have become more knowledgeable and can now shake off the narrow views on globalization by better studying the statistical data enclosed and the facts. Her book then aids them in further understanding by explaining the anti-globalization movement. It is based on the premise that globalization is more than trade and economics."Decentralized Globalization" cites analysis and data proving the effectiveness of all Free Trade Agreements, especially within NAFTA. It has done a world of good as the Californian economy, and civil society is perfectly intertwined with the Mexican economy; the balance struck being a perfect model for the rest of the World. The race for Free Trade agreements and elimination of tariff has started long time ago with the creation of the EU, and it works.Managed trade has attracted countries like Mexico, China, and Chile into great ever expanding markets that foster development and propulsate wealth creation.Decentralized data terminals of Blockchain technology can prove that by keeping GDP info, manufacturing, and services on NAFTA countries.Dr. Olga Magdalena Lazin is a UCLA graduate in history. She is a published author and history lecturer at UCLA. You can access and download her books at She has been teaching history at UCLA, Cal State University-Dominguez Hills, and Cal State University-Long Beach, as well as University of Guadalajara (UDG) and University of Quintana Roo in Mexico for over 26 years. Her specialty is history of food, nutrition and health, macronutrients, overeating, globalization of technology, the American Constitution and Internet history. As a hobby, she is practicing permaculture. Her radio show is accessible 24 hours a day at Dr Lazin brings a new perspective on George Soros' Experience with Blockchain In Hungary, and how to use Blockchain technology in helping political and economic refugees in Eastern Europe, and the United States. Refugees deserve protection too..

Business and the Sustainability Challenge

Business and the Sustainability Challenge

Author: Peter N. Nemetz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136262197

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 536

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It is vitally important for businesses to have a holistic understanding of the many issues surrounding and shaping sustainability, from competitors to government and political factors, to economics and ecological science. This integrated textbook for MBA and senior-level undergraduates offers a comprehensive overview of the issues of sustainability as they relate to business and influence corporate strategy. It also features a wide range of cases and an extensive discussion of tools to incorporate sustainability issues into strategic decision making, helping instructors and students to build and then apply a solid understanding of sustainability in business.

The Soul of Civil Society

The Soul of Civil Society

Author: Don E. Eberly


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111798208

Category: Political Science

Page: 172

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Americans care about the public value of moral habits. They like to see virtue rewarded and vice censured, appealing as this does to the nation's deep sense that one's success rests neither in money nor in power but in one's civility. In The Soul of Civil Society Don Eberly and Ryan Streeter look beyond such abstractions as the "voluntary sector" and superficial communitarian solutions to civic anomie to identify the pivotal role played by local voluntary associations in a civil society. Not only important for the services they provide, these "little platoons," as Edmund Burke labeled them, are the public incubators of a "new" morality, their emphasis on civic engagement at the local level central to preserving America's democratic culture on the national and international stage. More than simply championing the promise of a social renaissance, The Soul of Civil Society is essential reading for those seeking to do battle with a culturally entrenched individualism that threatens the core of America's moral vitality.

The Europa International Foundation Directory 2022

The Europa International Foundation Directory 2022

Author: Europa Publications

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000800661

Category: Reference

Page: 662

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Now in its 31st edition, the Europa International Foundation Directory 2022 provides an unparalleled guide to the foundations, trusts, charitable and grantmaking NGOs, and other similar not-for-profit organizations of the world. It provides a comprehensive picture of third sector activity on a global scale. Users will find names and contact details for some 2,690 institutions worldwide. This new edition has been revised and expanded to include the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on this growing sector. Indexes allow the reader to find organizations by area of activity (including conservation and the environment, science and technology, education and social welfare) and geographical region of operations (e.g. South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Australasia, Western Europe and North America). Contents include: A comprehensive directory section organized by country or territory; Details of co-ordinating bodies, and of foundations, trusts and non-profit organizations; A full index of organizations, and indexes by main activity and by geographical area of activity.

The Dubious Link

The Dubious Link

Author: Ariel Armony

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804748985

Category: Political Science

Page: 312

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It is often argued that civic activity, such as the participation of average citizens in voluntary associations, benefits all democracies. But sometimes the involvement of citizens contributes to the collapse of democracy, the exclusion of minorities, and the deepening of society's fragmentation. This book challenges the idea of a positive, universal connection between civil society and democracy, and argues that the specific context in which people organize shapes the character of civil society. The Dubious Link examines the "dark side" of civil society—the cases in which the participation of average citizens leads to undemocratic results. Combining a variety of research methods, Ariel Armony looks at the vital sphere of associational life in pre-Nazi Germany, anti-desegregation movements in the United States, and new organizations for human and civil rights in democratic Argentina. The book concludes with a statistical analysis of the impact of civil society on a set of contemporary democracies.

The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth

The Demographic Dividend and the Power of Youth

Author: Eirliani Abdul Rahman

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781785276323

Category: Social Science

Page: 148

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As fertility rates decrease, a country’s working-age population grows larger relative to the young dependent population. With more people in the labor force and fewer children to support, a country has a window of opportunity for rapid economic growth if the right social and economic investments and policies are made in health, education, governance and the economy. Conversely, research shows that resource requirements to support a large population of children and youth can depress the pace of economic growth and prevent needed investments in human capital. The discourse on responding to this population growth frequently excludes the youth. The result can be an apathetic community of young people who withdraw from participation in political and democratic processes. The book is a compilation of articles that address the issue and highlight solutions from different parts of the world, from members of the Global Diplomacy Lab to external contributors: how they see their work promoting, enhancing and contributing to harvesting the demographic dividend.

Facts on Grants

Facts on Grants

Author: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation


ISBN: UOM:39015078356394

Category: Endowments


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A summary of the grants made by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.