Equine Science

Equine Science

Author: Rick Parker

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285225883

Category: Science

Page: 608

View: 913

EQUINE SCIENCE, 4th Edition imparts students with the basic understanding of horses necessary to be successful in equine care and management. Richly illustrated in full color, the book uses a logical, easy-to-follow outline to make both learning and lesson planning simple, while addressing essential topics like care and feeding, training, development and reproduction, illness, inheritance, and the history of horses. Bursting with helpful features, EQUINE SCIENCE, 4th Edition piques student interest with detailed graphics and photos, as well as informational sidebars, website references, and end-of chapter activities that test their knowledge of the material. Future equine professionals will especially appreciate the glossary of terms at the end of the text, as well as the appendix, which includes useful conversion factors and worksheets and provides contact information for professional organizations. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Integrating Horses into Healing

Integrating Horses into Healing

Author: Cheryl Meola

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780443191961

Category: Psychology

Page: 412

View: 844

Written by experts and founders in the world of equine assisted services (EAS), Integrating Horses into Healing: A Comprehensive Guide to Equine Assisted Services is an all-inclusive, hands-on guide for any practitioner, researcher, or student interested in EAS. The book provides a wealth of knowledge, including perspectives from therapy and coaching practitioners, equine professionals, veterinarians, researchers, clients, board members, and founders of the EAS industry. These diverse perspectives offer a depth and insight that make this a go-to guide for EAS practitioners and researchers. The focus of the book is on the ethical incorporation of equines into different therapy modalities. The well-being of the equine as well as the practitioner team is addressed, as well as sustainability and health within a for-profit and non-profit structure. Offers ethical practices for integrating equine assisted services into therapies, coaching, and other services. Provides a foundational introduction to the benefits and practices of equine assisted services Discusses business and legal considerations for EAS ventures

AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians

AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians

Author: Martha Mallicote

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119678359

Category: Medical

Page: 564

View: 191

AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians Practical handbook on all aspects of veterinary care in horses relevant to veterinary technicians AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians, Second Edition offers a compendium of information on the care and treatment of horses for equine veterinary technicians, building on the basics of equine care to provide a complete reference for equine nursing skills, training, and technical information. The text is specifically geared toward those who already have basic equine knowledge and training and are looking to build upon their foundations. Comprehensive yet accessible, the new edition updates all medical, procedural, pharmaceutical, equipment, staffing, and office management information. Images also appear in full color throughout the book for the first time. Chapters cover a variety of topics ranging from general horse management and nutrition to diagnostics and medical emergencies. Charts, tables, and images support the text to aid in reader comprehension. Sample topics covered in AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians include: General horse management, equine nutrition, applied anatomy and physiology, equine reproduction, and equine wellness programs Foal care, equine pharmacology, laboratory diagnosis in equine practice, equine anesthesia, surgical assistance, and nursing care Technical procedures, diagnostic procedures, common equine medical emergencies, equine physical rehabilitation, equine behavior, and equine office procedures An overall explanation of procedures and medical information regarding the care of horses in a clinic or ambulatory practice Highly accessible and easy to use, AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians, Second Edition is an invaluable reference for qualified equine veterinary technicians and assistants—particularly those earning their equine certification—as well as vet tech students and equine practices.

Horsing Around in New Jersey

Horsing Around in New Jersey

Author: Arline Zatz

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813533341

Category: Horsemanship

Page: 276

View: 180

Arline Zatz has writtenthe first guidebook to everything equine in the Garden State: Horsing Around in New Jersey. This accessible, easy-to-use volume is essential reading for the novice who yearns to go horseback riding but doesn't know how or where to begin; for the experienced equestrian seeking new trails and campsites; for anyone wishing to attend an equestrian event; and for those seeking a job in the equestrian field, which already employs nearly 6,000 New Jerseyans. The industry generates more than 650 million dollars in annual revenue. Millions of people attend equine events in New Jersey each year. The U.S. Equestrian team makes its home there, and New Jersey's state animal is the horse. Zatz tells readers--including those with disabilities--where they can take lessons, rent a horse, and prepare for riding. She includes safety and first aid tips. Horse history and breeds common to New Jersey are discussed, as are health concerns, including diseases, preventative medicine, and emergency care. The book showcases New Jersey's eighty-five equestrian trails and covers information on where to obtain riding permits and their accompanying rules and regulations. There is advice for both new horse owners and renters, including recommendations on tack and clothing, stable management, and horse adoption. The book acquaints readers with year-round equine entertainment opportunities, and offers dozens of suggestions on where to watch or participate in sports on horseback. Zatz lists equine education programs for all ages, and outlines numerous employment opportunities within the equine industry. The book concludes with a glossary of common horse industry terminology, a listing of national equine associations and breed registries, equipment sources, and equine publications for further reading.

Saving Baby

Saving Baby

Author: Jo Anne Normile

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466866843

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

View: 102

"If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt." --Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty Jo Anne Normile was not supposed to keep the foal, an exuberant Thoroughbred with only a few white hairs on his reddish-brown forehead. But she fell in love with the young horse, who had literally been born into her arms. The breeder finally said she could keep the colt, whom she nicknamed "Baby" – but only if she raced him. It was difficult to take Baby away from the safety of his pasture. But Normile had made a promise. Besides, horseracing had always come across as a glamorous blend of mint juleps and celebrity, of equine grace and speed. It was a vision she found appealing. And she fell hard for it, this "Sport of Kings." She experienced a thrill every time Baby sprinted around the track, edging out other horses. But the magic that enchants is a veneer. For every Seabiscuit, there are tens of thousands of racehorses whose lives end in pain and despair, with indifference and corruption that runs rampant through the world of horse racing. Normile knew none of this. Not until an accident on a poorly maintained track. That's when everything changed. That's when Normile founded the most successful horse rescue in the country, an organization that would go on to save more horses than anyone else ever had. That's when she knew she had no other choice. Saving Baby is Jo Anne Normile's story of perseverance and passion. A heartbreaking and ultimately life-affirming book, it testifies to the transcending power of hope, and the unshakeable bond of love.

Life in 1940s London

Life in 1940s London

Author: Mike Hutton

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445635378

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 185

The story of a turbulent decade for our iconic capital