Masala Morning Rituals

Masala Morning Rituals

Author: Jay Sinha


ISBN: 1777709806


Page: 174

View: 846

"Once you make the decision to put Jay's advice into action and do even a handful of the 21 Masala Morning Rituals, your life will never be the same. I know this book will be a game-changer for you, as it has been for me." --Debra Poneman, founder and president, Create your morning flow, and help your life flow. It can be that simple. When you consciously feed the core elements of your being--body, mind, and soul--with awareness and meaning as you start the day, you are primed to live your best self. Every day. Even when life and the world may be challenging you like never before. "MASALA" refers to a mixture of spices, and that's exactly what this book is. In Masala Morning Rituals, Jay Sinha leads you through 21 lovingly curated rituals (and numerous sub-rituals)--and these are spices to choose from when creating your own personal morning ritual. This book is an exercise in FLOW and aims to guide you through tried-and-true rituals, all of which are designed to keep you attuned and connected to life from the very moment you wake. Accompanying throughout are numerous diverse folks Jay has interviewed over the years, who share their fascinating, powerful, and sometimes bizarre morning rituals. It's a flow of beautiful stories about practices everyday people are doing to improve their lives. Whether it's screenless eye hygiene, liquid love, gentle movement, meditating into mindfulness, deep creativity, or proactive planning, there is something meaningful and spicy here for every single body, mind, and soul. If you are familiar with the rich and inspiring morning routine and ritual work of Hal Elrod, Robin Sharma, Tim Ferris, and others, Masala Morning Rituals will feed your life in completely new ways. It approaches the morning as a time of magical, mystical potential, and there is no one-size-fits-all technique for maximizing your morning flow. When it comes to morning rituals, you must engage your soul to mindfully create your own optimal practice and flow. This is a book to help you wake up and smell the unique spices of your life!

The Masala Box

The Masala Box

Author: Rachna Kheria, Sarin Mathur, Sireesha Kadiyala,Vidhi Kheria

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781636067308

Category: Fiction

Page: 418

View: 831

Variety is the spice of life… We present to you an anthology of short stories to celebrate various memories and experiences, both real and imagined - sweet, savoury, tangy and quintessentially umami - in life. The Masala Box is an offering of four authors who hail from diverse backgrounds. Together they present an array of narratives, exploring a humanity in a way that touches the heart and makes it experience the very spice of life. PROCEEDS OF THE BOOK GO TOWARDS CHARITY

Word Masala 2011

Word Masala 2011

Author: Yogesh Patel

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781447621164

Category: Fiction

Page: 119

View: 513

In this first anthology, Word Masala discovers and brings together widely published, finest, but grossly ignored non-resident South-Asian Diaspora authors, poets, artist and photographer from USA, Cananda, Guyana, Muscat and the UK. Make a journey with them through their eyes and art, and discover a new frontier. This anthology includes work by Janice Groveas,Sharmila Chauhan,Uma Parameswaran,Debjani Chatterjee,Rajiv Mohabir,Meena Chopra,Daisy Abbey,Shafi U. Ahmed,Malhar Patel,Divya Mathur, Shanta Acharya,Sweta Srivastava Vikram Ashoka Sen,Usha Akella,Ashini J. Desai, Priyanka Sacheti, Rama Shivkumar, Tara Chatterjee,Rukhsana Hasib and Yogesh Patel. It also includes award winning photographs by Lord Dholakia, and paintings by Meena Chopra.

Masala Memsahib

Masala Memsahib

Author: Karen Anand

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9789390742110

Category: Cooking

Page: 533

View: 666

‘I have never seen a book on Indian food written and designed like this . . . with such beauty and recipes that work . . . Bound to be a great success!’ SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, CEO – Il Borro ‘Karen Anand possesses the meticulous manner of the French in documenting a recipe, but has free-spirited taste buds and a soul that’s quintessentially Indian. That makes this journey through the foods of India particularly delicious!’ JAMAL SHAIKH, National Editor – Brunch ‘Karen Anand takes us on an exciting journey of discovery to places and tastes and smells through her wonderful compilation of stories and recipes. Savour it’ TARUN TAHILIANI, fashion designer ‘This book on Indian cuisine by Karen Anand is a spectacular culinary event. Every lover of Indian food will drool over her “favourite home-style recipes”, collected over a lifetime of great dining experiences. I’m blown away by the beauty of her book’ KABIR BEDI, actor Karen Anand’s name is synonymous with all things food. When she writes and describes food, I can almost smell and taste it. This book is the culmination of a journey of this gourmet and I am lucky to have inhaled the aromas!’ DIVYA SETH SHAH, actor ‘The recipes in Masala Memsahib are as fragrant as the adventures from memsahib Karen’s life spent documenting Indian food. Her love for fresh organic ingredients is no secret and through this book she brings in the old-world nostalgia of uncomplicated Indian cooking’ KUNAL KAPUR, celebrity chef ‘For me, Karen Anand has been a lighthouse as far as food, recipes, ingredients and the history of recipes are concerned. I’m so happy about this book from someone I truly admire and respect’ MARIA GORETTI, celebrity chef and actor A celebrated food writer serves up a delicious diversity of Indian foods in this dazzling cookbook-memoir. Self-professed ‘Masala Memsahib’ Karen Anand takes us on a journey across five Indian states – Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra and West Bengal – and introduces us to mouth-watering local cuisines, diverse eating practices and fabulous culinary histories. Each of the book’s sections is a window into Karen’s remarkable adventures with food, interspersed with the most distinctive recipes from the regions she visits, from the piquant prawn balchao to the soulful Mulligatawny. Illustrated throughout with absorbing photographs from kitchens as well as the streets, this spectacular cookbook from one of India’s most well-loved and widely travelled food writers goes far beyond the tired tropes of Indian cooking and brings home the authentic tastes and qualities of our nation’s myriad cuisines. Packed with 100-plus ludicrously delicious, easy-to-use recipes, it is a true collectible.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Author: Sajal Nag

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351393935

Category: History

Page: 133

View: 657

The study of environmental history is no more only of forests, rivers, but also of agriculture, climate, economic practices and human culture. In recent times environmental studies as a discipline has come to the forefront with growing concerns over the ozone layer depletion but has led to investigation of the historical factors and processes of man and environment relationship and its impact. Very little was earlier known about the devastative impact on the environment of imperialism, state capitalism of post-colonial nations and the liberalization and globalization of these economies. There is no aspect of the environment which has not felt the impact of such developmental human process. Rivers have thus either dried up or are polluted with highly toxic materials, seas and oceans have become the dumping ground of nuclear and other wastes, streams are blocked, rains reduced, forest covers depleted, wildlife has dwindled, concrete jungles have replaced green fields and natural water-bodies, desertification of landscapes has happened. It has had its own impact on human life as well. Droughts, floods, dust storms, landslides, water shortage, agricultural decline and food crisis, starvation and epidemics followed. The planet earth and its inhabitants are currently in the throes of the most devastating man-made crisis for survival. In an attempt to enhance our understanding of the environmental crisis, the present collection has essays investigating wide ranging events ranging from understanding climate from logbook of East India Company to the construction of Himalayan tropics; environmental cost of damming the Damodar River to water politics of south India; impact of Tsunami of the years 1737 as well as of 2004-5; politics over earthquake rehabilitation to the Sarna movements of eastern Indian tribals.

Plant-Based Himalaya

Plant-Based Himalaya

Author: Babita Shrestha

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9781684351930

Category: Cooking

Page: 362

View: 112

The art of healthy cooking is all about loving yourself and spreading that love to those around you. It's even better when you can cook a delicious meal and also help protect the environment. In Plant-Based Himalaya, Nepalese author Babita Shrestha shares 38 vegan recipes from her home country that she has been cooking and eating since she was very young, including mouthwatering grains, dal, curries, greens, sauces, and desserts. In addition to food, Shrestha introduces her beloved Nepal along with her personal goals for a plant-based diet: decreasing mass production and consumption of unhealthy processed food in plastic packaging. Featuring 250 beautiful full-color photos, Plant-Based Himalaya is designed to inspire you to cook and eat exquisitely vegan home-style Nepali cuisine. Make it exceptional, and share it with your loved ones!

Shifting Perspectives in Tribal Studies

Shifting Perspectives in Tribal Studies

Author: Maguni Charan Behera

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811380907

Category: Social Science

Page: 376

View: 172

This book brings together multidisciplinarity, desirability and possibility of consilience of borderline studies which are topically diverse and methodologically innovative. It includes contemporary tribal issues within anthropology and other disciplines. In addition, the chapters underline the analytical sophistication, theoretical soundness and empirical grounding in the area of emerging core perspectives in tribal studies. The volume alludes to the emergence of tribal studies as an independent academic discipline of its own rights. It offers the opportunity to consider the entire intellectual enterprise of understanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary dualism, to move beyond interdisciplinarity of the science-humanities divide and to conceptualise a core of theoretical perspectives in tribal studies. The book proves an indispensable reference point for those interested in studying tribes in general and who are engaged in the process of developing tribal studies as a discipline in particular.

Forever Your Dad

Forever Your Dad

Author: Aspi Mistry

Publisher: The Write Place

ISBN: 9789383952205

Category: Fiction

Page: 205

View: 562

"Forever Your Dad" is a heart rending story that spans different times and worlds. The protagonist Geeta is an independent girl who is befriended by a man, Anil, with whom she develops a bond that she can't explain - a magnetic pull that draws her deeper and deeper into the mystery that is his life. All she knows is that he has the best intentions and even better stories! She is entranced by his tales of a faraway place that she begins to feel connected to intrinsically despite never having been there. As he weaves his story, Geeta begins to reaize that he might not be a complete stranger and that their lives are entwined closer than she could have ever imagined. The short stories after the close of the novella take you on a rollicking journey with endearing characters and everything from macabre to hilarious circumstances. "By The Swollen Stream" is a brief look into a chilling event that will have your nerve tingling while "Seminar Goers' Guide to Youthful Life" infinitely compounds the yearning or non-yearning to meet a colourful character in real life who has his own special take on staying youthful! "A Season for Love" gently tugs at the strings of your heart with its love story that spans decades and "Hindi Drama" will draw a few chuckles out of even the most stolid. Mistry isn't done yet, because "The Last Voyage of Michael Suarez" is the best kind of love story - filled with mystery, intrigue and bittersweet sorrow that makes it hard for the story not to leave a lasting impression.

New Indian Basics

New Indian Basics

Author: Preena Chauhan

Publisher: Appetite by Random House

ISBN: 9780525611325

Category: Cooking

Page: 397

View: 790

Welcome Arvinda and Preena, the mother-daughter duo behind Arvinda’s premium Indian spice blends, into your kitchen with their decades of experience, vibrant recipes, and cooking wisdom! Learn the basics of both classic and modern Indian cuisine in this timeless book that you will return to again and again. In New Indian Basics, Preena Chauhan and Arvinda Chauhan—the masters behind Arvinda’s Indian spice blends—present a collection of flavorful, accessible recipes and kitchen wisdom gained from a lifetime of personal and professional experience teaching Indian cooking, where spices take center stage. With their clear instructions and signature warmth, this mother-daughter duo will guide you to flawless renditions of Indian dishes, both traditional and modern, with absolute ease. Here, you’ll find recipes perfect for all meals and all home cooks, whatever the time of day or level of experience. Chapters like Indian Brunch & Eggs are full of modern dishes like Chai-Spiced Apple Buckwheat Pancakes with Maple Cream or Indian-Style Baked Eggs in a richly spiced tomato sauce. Indian Street Foods & Savory Appetizers will make traditional snacks, like Chaat Papri, your new go-to nibble. And whether you’re looking for vegetarian or meat mains, you’ll find options to excite your palate, from a classic Butter Chicken or Channa Masala to a celebratory Vegetable Biryani with Saffron & Nuts or a Mapled Tandoori Salmon with Mint. There are many accompaniments that go along with a full Indian meal, so there are chapters dedicated to these components such as chutneys, pickles, raitas, and masalas to help you build your pantry, rice dishes, and, of course, flatbreads, like homemade Naan. And don’t forget about dessert! Preena and Arvinda share a full chapter on exquisite mithai, traditional sweets, and modern desserts as well. With this focus on the many expansive regions that make up India’s culinary fabric, you’ll be enticed to learn about beloved specialties and new flavor profiles. No matter the recipe, Preena and Arvinda use their many years as educators to walk you through every step. In addition to their vibrant recipes, Preena and Arvinda include helpful resources like a spice glossary, a guide to different lentils and beans, a mini workshop on the best way to cook basmati rice, and information on how to serve—and eat—an Indian meal. They even suggest ways to put it all together with their celebratory and seasonal Indian menus. With a wealth of incredible recipes, knowledge, and gorgeous photography, New Indian Basics is sure to become a food bible in your kitchen.

Masala Farm

Masala Farm

Author: Suvir Saran

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452110325

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 529

What happens when an Indian chef and consummate city dweller buys a farm in the country and endeavors to raise farm animals and grow vegetables? Delicious food, of course! From acclaimed chef and author Suvir Saran, Masala Farm offers a fresh twist on a farm-to-table approach to cooking and welcomes readers into the kitchen. A steady stream of houseguests, the challenges of animal ownership, and the joys of being a part of a small-town community supply the stories woven throughout this volume. Sixty recipes are organized by season. Exquisite photography captures the lusciousness of Saran's food and the beauty of the countryside.

McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel and Om Economics

McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel and Om Economics

Author: Jonathan D James

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

ISBN: 9789385985867

Category: Religion

Page: 238

View: 938

This book looks at religion in a transnational and global context and presents a systematic account of the methods undertaken by modern day missionaries to convert people. The author seeks to understand the outworking of the American phenomenon of televangelism in India, in a new historical, cultural, religious, political and economic setting. He likens global televangelism to ′McDonaldisation′, because of its standardised, ′one size fits all′ approach. ′Glocal′ televangelism-the fusion of the American and Indian evangelism-is referred to as ′Masala McGospel′ because of the overwhelming presence of the global, American grammar and logic in the presentation and style of these programmes in India. The author then goes on to show how a disjunction is being created in Hindu televangelism because of such blending of American techniques with the holiness of ancient scriptures, making them subservient to the modern day aspirations of globalisation and consumerism.

North of Everything

North of Everything

Author: William Beard

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 088864390X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 516

View: 339

The essays in North of Everything examine the state of Canadian film during a period of critical change. Their focus ranges from the conventional cinema to the avant garde, NFB documentaries to DIY videotapes. This comprehensive volume presents essays on established and emerging filmmakers and includes discussions of Canadian film institutions, history, and policy.