Remembering Lucile

Remembering Lucile

Author: Polly E. Bugros McLean

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607328254

Category: History

Page: 333

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In 1918 Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Jones received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, becoming its first female African American graduate (though she was not allowed to "walk" at graduation, nor is she pictured in the 1918 CU yearbook). In Remembering Lucile, author Polly McLean depicts the rise of the African American middle class through the historical journey of Lucile and her family from slavery in northern Virginia to life in the American West, using their personal story as a lens through which to examine the greater experience of middle-class Blacks in the early twentieth century. The first-born daughter of emancipated slaves, Lucile refused to be defined by the racist and sexist climate of her times, settling on a career path in teaching that required great courage in the face of pernicious Jim Crow laws. Embracing her sister’s dream for higher education and W. E. B. Du Bois’s ideology, she placed education and intelligence at the forefront of her life, teaching in places where she could most benefit African American students. Over her 105 years she was an eyewitness to spectacular, inspiring, and tragic moments in American history, including horrific lynchings and systemic racism in housing and business opportunities, as well as the success of women's suffrage and Black-owned businesses and educational institutions. Remembering Lucile employs a unique blend of Black feminist historiography and wider discussions of race, gender, class, religion, politics, and education to illuminate major events in African American history and culture, as well as the history of the University of Colorado and its relationship to Black students and alumni, as it has evolved from institutional racism to welcoming acceptance. This extensive biography paints a vivid picture of a strong, extraordinary Black woman who witnessed an extraordinary time in America and rectifies her omission from CU’s institutional history. The book fills an important gap in the literature of the history of Blacks in the Rocky Mountain region and will be of significance to anyone interested in American history. Media: Denver Post Daily Camera Colorado Arts & Sciences Magazine



Author: Roberts


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Notable American Women

Notable American Women

Author: Susan Ware

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 067401488X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 729

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Entries on almost five hundred women representing a wide range of fields of endeavor are featured in a collection of biographical essays that integrate each woman's personal life with her professional achievements, set in the context of historical develop

City of Darkness, City of Light

City of Darkness, City of Light

Author: Marge Piercy

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504033367

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

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This novel by a New York Times–bestselling author follows three “bold, courageous, and entertaining” women through the tumult of the French Revolution (Booklist). For Claire Lacombe and Pauline Leon, two poor women of eighteenth-century France, the lofty ideals of the coming revolution could not seem more abstract. But when Claire sees the gaping disparity between the poverty she has known and the lavish lives of aristocrats as her theater group performs in their homes, and Pauline witnesses the execution of local bread riot leaders, both are driven to join the uprising. They, along with upper-class women like Madame Manon Roland, who ghostwrites speeches for her politician husband and runs a Parisian salon where revolutionaries gather, will play critical roles in the French people’s bloody battle for liberty and equality. Based on a true story, author Marge Piercy’s thrilling and scrupulously researched account shines with emotional depth and strikingly animated action. By interweaving their tales with the exploits of men whose names have become synonymous with the revolution, like Robespierre and Danton, Piercy reveals how the contributions of these courageous women may be lesser known, but no less important. Rich in detail and broad in scope, City of Darkness, City of Light is a riveting portrayal of an extraordinary era and the women who helped shape an important chapter in history.

Duel of Angels

Duel of Angels

Author: Jean Giraudoux

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 0822203391

Category: Drama

Page: 80

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THE STORY: As told by Watts, To express its somewhat moderate viewpoint, it takes us to Aix in the middle of the last century and introduces two ladies of contrasting temperaments. One is so concerned with sexual virtue that she snubs women of les

The Complexities of Race

The Complexities of Race

Author: Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479801398

Category: Social Science


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Illuminates how recent shifts in demographics, policy, culture and thinking have changed how race is understood today The Complexities of Race illustrates how several recent dynamics compel us to reconsider race, racial identity, and racial inequality. It argues that race and racism provide key but complex lenses through which critical events and issues of any moment can be more fully understood. The emergence of intersectionality, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, changing ethnic and racial demographics in the United States, and other forces challenge prevailing values and narratives related to race. The volume provides new and detailed snapshots of the diverse and complicated ways that race, racism, racial identity, and racial justice are represented, experienced, and addressed in America, offering new ways of understanding the complex dynamics of power and systems of oppression. Each chapter uses a current, real-world example to demonstrate how race works in tandem with other locations of identity, with the aim of showing that a single social identity is rarely at play in issues of social inequality. The contributors include scholars who have studied race, identity, racism, and social justice for decades, as well as emerging researchers and practitioners at the forefront of examining evolving topics related to race, culture, and experiences of naming and belonging. This exploration of pressing, current, and emerging issues offers the depth, information, and clarity needed to understand many of the questions left unanswered and issues avoided in current discussions of race, identity, and racism, whether those discussions occur in the classroom, in the boardroom, at the dining room table, or in the streets of America. The Complexities of Race provides readers with inspiration, information, and paths for moving the understanding of race, identity, and social justice forward.