Reprogram Your Brain for Happiness & Progressive Mental Health

Reprogram Your Brain for Happiness & Progressive Mental Health

Author: Theresa Boza

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504950978

Category: Social Science

Page: 172

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Do you have issues of poor anger management, depression, anxiety, failure in your work or your love life, social phobias, financial problems, feelings of hopelessness, or just a lack of happiness in your life? If so, it is highly likely that your emotional mind, the limbic system and the amygdala functions of your brain, have been impacted. Did you know that your brain is your greatest asset? Your brain is not hardwired, and you can reprogram your brain for a successful life and a peaceful life. You can reprogram your brain to end dysfunctional symptoms like rage, depression, anxiety, compulsive overeating, or drug abuse. No matter what your current situation, you can use your brain to minimize negative thoughts and negative emotions. You can use your brain to maximize positive thinking. In this book, you will learn practical steps you can take to increase the happy hormones for your brainendorphin, serotonin, and dopamine to reduce anxiety, rage, depression and increase your level of happiness, mental health goals, and sense of spiritual peace. You will learn the strategies of spiritual ancestors like Nelson Mandela, who endured and withstood the traumas of slavery and/or oppression but achieved success. To heal your mental health you need to know the truth of the human race, our relatedness and your ancestral history. You can incorporate the spiritual wisdom of your ancestors and delete the traits that interfere with emotional health for yourself and for others. This book begins that process of healing for happiness, peace and non-violence referred to as the Ta-Merrian way, which is the wisdom of ancestors. Imagine the wealth of what you can learn if you access the spiritual energy of ancestors who successfully overcame harsh traumas.

Anger Management

Anger Management

Author: Marc Noblitt Ph.D.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532060342

Category: Psychology

Page: 248

View: 547

Are you tired of anger management programs that are long on theory and short on practical steps to actually manage your anger? Then this is the book you need. Drawing on newly pioneered techniques in the burgeoning field of positive psychology, the authors share a comprehensive twelve-week anger management program. They share meaningful insights, including why it’s beneficial to transfer your desire to do something to an outside source (such as the judicial system), why choosing not to harm others makes it less likely they’ll harm you, and how cultivating a spirit of optimism can eliminate angry outbursts. They also examine myths surrounding anger, such as the idea that it is not inherited, that anger always leads to aggression, the idea that people must be aggressive to get what they want, that venting anger is always desirable, and more. The program incorporates the use of multiple anger styles, diet, yoga, and music therapy, making it easy to follow and customizable based on an individual’s needs. Whether you are running a group therapy session or working to resolve your own anger, this revolutionary program will help you achieve positive and lasting results.

Yes Progressive - Acceleration In Creativity -

Yes Progressive - Acceleration In Creativity -

Author: Masaaki Hasegawa

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312720541

Category: Self-Help


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This book will open your eyes and change your perception of creativity. For a long time, creativity has been thought of as something only for gifted people. Is this true? No, it is not. Creativity is for everyone. People have searched for the formula for creativity and have struggled with this topic for a century. This book is designed to accelerate your creativity and help you extract your internal potential and the external resources that are available to you. This book is focused on “How to Think” to maximise your creativity and fully enjoy your talent in order to survive in, and enjoy this world. It is time to wake up, open your eyes, and make the most of your creativity. You are the one who can let your creativity flourish. Be creative. Masaaki took B. A in International Business at Rikkyo University and M.A in Visual Media Communication at IE. He had professional experience in strategist at Daiwa Securities, biz-dev at Guester Technologies, and public speaking (FITC, WhiteBull, IE Business School).

The Science and Practice of Wellness: Interventions for Happiness, Enthusiasm, Resilience, and Optimism (HERO)

The Science and Practice of Wellness: Interventions for Happiness, Enthusiasm, Resilience, and Optimism (HERO)

Author: Rakesh Jain

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393713664

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

View: 904

A dynamic approach to mental health and wellness, ready for any clinician to implement. Wellness is rapidly becoming an issue of great importance in clinical practice. Wellness-centric clinicians look to improve various traits known to be beneficial to patients— traits such as happiness, enthusiasm, resilience, and optimism (referred to as the HERO traits). All of these not only improve global mental wellness, but also offer resilience against stress, depression, and anxiety. Wellness-centric interventions augment both psychopharmacology and traditional psychotherapies, such as CBT. Rakesh and Saundra Jain start with an in- depth review of the scientific literature and a practical introduction on applying wellness interventions in various clinical settings. Additionally, they offer advice on such beneficial practices as exercise, mindfulness, optimized nutrition, optimized sleep, enhanced socialization, and positive psychology enhancement. A robust resource section offers access to wellness-centric scales and forms developed by the authors.

Perceive It to Achieve It

Perceive It to Achieve It

Author: Michael Andrew Torigian MD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982268022

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

View: 391

Dr. Torigian believes in the relationship of mind, body, and nature, and he believes the interconnection between them transcends the visible world. Your thoughts manifest your actions. In Perceive It to Achieve It, he explores the unhealthy habits inherent in those who suffer from chronic mental and physical unwellness. This guide reflects on the behaviors and mental habits that lead to unhappiness, illness, and discontent. It identifies the changes necessary to nourish our wellness zones and how to positively influence our health, happiness, and even our genes. Perceive It to Achieve It teaches you how to identify the damaging habits that plague your mind and use the tools revealed by Torigian to harvest the power of your mind and achieve your dreams. Your perception is your reality. Your thoughts influence your perception. Your thoughts create your reality. Every emotion you possess is created by your mind. Nobody controls your thoughts, and therefore nobody controls your actions. This book encourages self-motivation and describes its vital role in your well-being, inviting you to take control of your thoughts and take control of your life.

1275 Mental Triggers to Change Your Mind and Your Life

1275 Mental Triggers to Change Your Mind and Your Life

Author: Nicholas Mag

Publisher: Nicholas Mag


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


View: 672

The Miracle! In this book Nicholas presents you a practical, very simple, detailed method of how to Change Your Mind and Your Life. You will feel the effects immediately and the results will appear very quickly! So it was in my case. The order of words is extremely important for every book written by Nicholas. These are arranged to be traversed in a certain way so as to eliminate certain blockages in the human being, blockages that are bringing disease or failure on various plans. You don't need a big chunk of your time or expensive programs. Everything is extremely simple! Health, money, prosperity, abundance, safety, stability, sociability, charisma, sexual vitality, erotic attraction, will, optimism, perseverance, self-confidence, tenacity, courage, love, loving relationships, self-control, self-esteem, enthusiasm , refinement, intuition, detachment, intelligence, mental calm, power of concentration, exceptional memory, aspiration, transcendence, wisdom, compassion. By reading this book, you will feel totally that life deserves to be lived and enjoyed every moment and that everything that you propose for yourself becomes easy for you to fulfill. Nicholas will guide you to touch your longed-for dream and will make you see life from a new perspective, full of freshness and success. This book helps you step by step, in a natural way, in just 3 minutes a day, to change your misguided way of thinking and to Change Your Mind and Your Life. (NOTE: For good, Nicholas keep the price of the book as lower as he can, even if is a hard work behind this project. A significant portion of the earnings from the sale of the book are used for these purposes: for charity, volunteer projects, nature restoration, and other inspired ideas to do good where it is needed. If you can not afford to buy the book please contact Nicholas and he will give you a free copy.) You, also have a bonus in the pages of the book that makes you live your success by doing a seemingly trivial thing. You will feel the difference. Yes. The Miracle is possible! Get Your Copy Now!

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Author: Professor of Genetics Emeritus University of California Davis California Gordon Edlin

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9780763786861


Page: 810

View: 882

The 10th edition of Health & Wellness provides a holistic view of what it really means to be healthy today. The text draws a parallel between the behaviors, social and physical environment as well as the positive mind and body attitude necessary to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle. Several features have been developed to help students learn and understand the concepts of health and wellness in the text such as Learning Objectives, Self-assessments, key terms, epigrams and health tips. Chapters conclude with Critical Thinking about Health and encourage students to answer questions and explore their own opinions on health topics. End of chapter material includes Health in review brief review of the chapter, Health and Wellness online a glimpse at the resources available on the web, References, Suggested readings, and recommended websites. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition."

20/20 Thinking

20/20 Thinking

Author: Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1583331530

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 480

View: 172

In this dynamic, hopeful, and insightful book, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson shows us the natural methods we should use now to keep our brains sharp and our memories intact through our later years. Drawing on the very latest research on the brain, she demonstrates that simple changes to nutrition and mental outlook can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing age-related disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, depression, memory loss, and a host of other problems related to mind and mood. 20/20 Thinking cuts through the difficult scientific jargon and provides hundreds of suggestions for prevention, preservation, and self-improvement. Topics covered include: 12 miracle pills and potions that improve mental acuity 17 brain-protective phytochemicals from foods 10 top strategies for delaying Alzheimer's disease 10 dietary supplements to intensify your concentration 4 main dementias: what you need to know to halt memory loss. The secrets of lifelong mental agility and acuity are within our grasp naturally, effectively, and immediately with 20/20 Thinking.

Insight English Handbook

Insight English Handbook

Author: Melanie Napthine

Publisher: Insight Publications

ISBN: 9781921411878

Category: English language

Page: 225

View: 205

The Insight English Handbook is a comprehensive guide to five key areas of English study: Grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary; Writing skills; Literary analysis; Media literacy; Thinking skills. The handbook is an indispensable reference for students and teachers at all secondary levels. Information is presented in clear, straightforward language, supported by definitions, lively examples and practical models.