The Only Way to Learn About Relationships

The Only Way to Learn About Relationships

Author: Marion D. March

Publisher: Starcrafts Pub

ISBN: 1934976059

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 236

View: 523

The Only Way to Learn About Relationships, Volume 5, Second Edition is a new publication of the highly popular and best selling "Only Way to Learn About Astrology" six volume series. This book focuses on the relationship needs that are reflected in the natal chart, and instructs how to compare two charts to evaluate compatibility. It includes house activation, interaspects and composite charts. A unique feature traces the impact of early family conditioning (parents and siblings) on later love relationships. Although romantic relationships are the main focus of this volume, the authors delineate business and family relationships as well.

If You Love Me, You Will ...

If You Love Me, You Will ...

Author: Michael Gonzales

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973650409

Category: Religion

Page: 162

View: 420

If You Love Me, You Will ... examines how the Bible defines love and applies that understanding to human behavior—and especially to Christians. Author Michael Gonzales shares true stories from his life to illustrate the theme of love and provide examples that all of us can appreciate and relate to. Those who have been confused by the world’s definition of love will find much illumination for their relationships with God, those around them, and even themselves. Men and women alike will benefit from the principles contained in If You Love Me, You Will ... for the good of all their relationships.

Spirit Heals

Spirit Heals

Author: Meredith Young-Sowers

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317753

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 629

Meredith L. Young-Sowers has created a definitive book for women on mind/body/spirit healing that puts women’s connection to Spirit at the very center — exactly where it should be. Drawing on her twenty-seven years as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, and her belief that healing is something we do every day, Meredith gently guides women to create our own loving and workable healing plan. Emphasizing heart disease and reproductive cancers — the diseases that are claiming our mothers, sisters, and friends — Meredith offers a mix of attitude shifts, exercises, and simple meditations to help us harness the power of Spirit. Meredith teaches us to understand and rely on our deep-hearted intuition as our most important healing partner. In this wide-ranging exploration of healing, you’ll learn to: nourish yourself on all levels — emotional, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual; respond effectively to stress in a way that heals your heart; understand why mind-body imbalances can sometimes manifest as disease; claim strength and renewal at each stage of your journey.

The Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love

The Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love

Author: Susan Jeffers

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446407196

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 374

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has sold a million copies round the world since 1987, and is still one of the top ten bestsellers in the category of personal development. In this book, Susan Jeffers takes the approach and practical strategies that made her first such a success and applies them to the subject that is closest to all our hearts: Love. The author explains that, although most people desire a wonderful relationship, too many of us don't really understand what love truly means. We say we love people in our lives yet, too often, we don't act very lovingly. Nor do we choose our partners wisely. This lack of understanding about love is reflected in the ever-increasing divorce rate and the huge number of people who ask with a deep yearning in their hearts: Why is love so hard? The Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love shows what real love actually looks like, how to learn the essentials for finding it - and how to make it last a lifetime. It also lays out solutions to common problems and explains the destructive power of fear. Full of Jeffers' own experiences, humour and down-to-earth techniques, as well as the wisdom of others, this book will show us all how to enjoy the delight, satisfaction, peace and caring that true love can bring us.

The Autism Relationships Handbook

The Autism Relationships Handbook

Author: Joe Biel

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing

ISBN: 9781621066224

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 40

View: 746

Ever since he came out as autistic, people have been contacting Joe to share their stories and ask questions. The most common question by far: how do I find a romantic partner?Dr. Faith G. Harper, author of Unfuck Your Brain and Unfuck Your Intimacy joins autistic publisher and author Joe Biel to offer hard-won guidance on a wide range of topics about friendships, dating, and romance and answer a ton of questions. What do you want out of a relationship? What is the difference between flirting and harassment? How do you have a fun date and get to know someone when eye contact and prolonged conversation aren't your strengths? How do you change a casual acquaintance into friendship or dating? How do you express your needs and make sure you're hearing your partner when they express theirs? How do you maintain a healthy, happy long term relationship? Autistic readers will find valuable answers and perspectives in this book, whether you're just getting ready to jump into dating, seeking to forge closer friendships, or looking to improve your existing partnership or marriage.

Deeper Dating

Deeper Dating

Author: Ken Page

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834829923

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 477

Lose weight. Act confident. Play hard to get. This approach to dating doesn’t lead to love, it leads to insecurity and loneliness. In Deeper Dating, psychotherapist Ken Page offers a new path to finding meaningful and lasting relationships. Learn how to attract people who love you for who you really are, become more self-assured and emotionally available, and lose your taste for relationships that diminish your self-esteem. With exercises, practical tools, and inspiring stories, Deeper Dating will guide you on a journey to find the love—and personal fulfillment—you long for.

The Authority of Love

The Authority of Love

Author: Greg Williams

Publisher: Greg Williams


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 189

View: 242

The Authority of Love is indeed, a “wake up call for the modern-day American church” to restore the Biblical standards of marriage, family and the church which are still compelling and transforming." Bob Russell (Retired), Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY Love…what we desperately need. Authority…what we doggedly avoid…unless we’re in control which is not real authority. Truth, love, authority, humility, a servant’s heart…all qualities of Christ …all qualities we talk about and aspire to as Christians and as disciples of Christ. Christ is the way, the Truth and the life. Christ (God) is Love. All Authority has been given to Him and in Him all things were made and exist by Him. He is the epitome of Humility. And He displayed the purest of servant hearts. All of these tremendous traits and virtues are found in Him. Throughout the centuries we have sought to attain these as noble and good, even in our culture and yet, as in so many cases, we’ve sought and defined them in our own terms, much to our detriment. As usual we have separated virtues in order to perfect them in and of ourselves. Christ had a better way and in His Kingdom we find that because He embodied and modeled all of these traits and qualities in perfection, He calls us to walk accordingly. As His Body, The Church, instead of following culture and separating them, attempting to perfect each, we would be wise to heed and follow His example as our Lord and see them all as inseparable and live them out just as He did. Separating these qualities as we are prone to do in our flesh has never worked. The Authority of Love points us to Christ and God’s Word and draws on real life stories to show us how Truth, Love, Authority, Humility and a Servant’s Heart are embodied in Christ and His Kingdom and how we can follow His lead in our life, marriage, family and in His Church to show the world a different way…His Way! If you are serious about walking with Christ as Lord in your life, marriage, every arena of your life, this book is for you. Love and Lordship, from which this book springs, is a ministry and message that calls those who claim Christ as Savior and Lord to display the image of God in these four areas in their life and relationships: 1)Christ as Lord in all things reflected in… 2)Loving Marriages/Families/Relationships that leads to… 3)Relational Servant-leadership first in marriages and families and develops… 4)Generational Discipleship in personal life, family, The Church, and culture. As I wrote this book, we found ourselves in the middle of the first global pandemic in a century as well as political and social upheaval in the USA like we’ve not seen in the last half-century. To say the least, we are in trying times and our faith is being tested. I believe God is calling Christ’s Church to a spiritual awakening. That awakening is not just simply to do church services differently, serve more people and accommodate the culture, thinking we will reach more. It is a call... ➢For personal and collective confession and repentance of idolatry and compromise; ➢For believers to absolutely make Christ Lord of every part of your life; ➢For men to be Godly relational servant leaders, as husbands who love their marriage, spouse and family above their own success, glory and desires, just as Christ did for His Bride, The Church; ➢For marriages to be a positive testimony to the Gospel of Christ so the world will see and know Him; ➢To husbands and wives to submit to one another out of reverence for and submission to Christ as Lord; ➢To disciple our children in our homes and, in all of the above, to build loving relationships that strengthen Christ’s Church; ➢To move beyond drawing people into a weekly one-hour service or a couple hours of weekly activity to our communities or the world; ➢To disciples making disciples in loving relationships and holding each other accountable to obedience as we walk in His Love and Lordship; That call is the message of this book.

Metaphors and Analogies in Sciences and Humanities

Metaphors and Analogies in Sciences and Humanities

Author: Shyam Wuppuluri

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030906887

Category: Philosophy

Page: 596

View: 143

In this highly-interdisciplinary volume, we systematically study the role of metaphors and analogies in (mis)shaping our understanding of the world. Metaphors and Analogies occupy a prominent place in scientific discourses, as they do in literature, humanities and at the very level of our thinking itself. But when misused they can lead us astray, blinding our understanding inexorably. How can metaphors aid us in our understanding of the world? What role do they play in our scientific discourses and in humanities? How do they help us understand and skillfully deal with our complex socio-political scenarios? Where is the dividing line between their use and abuse? Join us as we explore some of these questions in this volume.

Geting Free

Geting Free

Author: Gina Lake

Publisher: Endless Satsang Foundation, Inc

ISBN: 9781544814612

Category: Self-Help

Page: 172

View: 947

To be free of your conditioning requires a new way of thinking or, rather, not thinking. Getting Free by Gina Lake will help you change your relationship to your mind so that you can be free. Healing happens when we meet our true Self, but to do this we first have to become very familiar with the false self and its mistaken beliefs. Getting Free will help you determine what is false and true within yourself. It will also help you reprogram your mind; clear negative thoughts and self-images; use meditation, prayer, forgiveness, and gratitude; work with spiritual forces to assist healing and clear negativity; and heal entrenched issues from the past. Exercises throughout provide an opportunity for practicing and integrating the understanding.

Future Skills

Future Skills

Author: Perttu Pölönen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781632281319

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 940

What will humanity look like in twenty years . . . in fifty? Which skills should we be cultivating in an age of ceaseless technological progress? Finnish inventor, composer, and futurist Perttu Pölönen argues that the next revolution is a human revolution. To counterbalance the world we digitalized, we need to develop creativity, perseverance, compassion, and curiosity—those same soft skills that give our lives meaning and set us apart from machines. What can we get from you that we can’t get from Google? Join Pölönen as he takes a practical, personal look at our ever-changing technological landscape while investigating our ability to respond, adapt, and evolve as a society. In the end, his curriculum for the future will empower you to use your uniquely human skills to master a decidedly uncertain future.