On the True Nature of the Soul: Essays for the Seriously Curious

On the True Nature of the Soul: Essays for the Seriously Curious

Author: Robert Colacurcio

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524580230

Category: Self-Help

Page: 260

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This book is a compilation of essays written mostly to family members and friends in response to their questions and comments to my other books. These essays were written in over a period of two years and can be read singly, although I have grouped them to try to achieve a cumulative effect. Many people seem satisfied with the childhood information about the soul that they carry into adulthood. Some people just find the subject beyond them, even though the soul is their most intimate companion. Everyone agrees that proper feeding requires accurate information about the animal or person being fed, and yet the spiritual nurture of the soul is not examined with the same critical eye. Much that I have to say, therefore, has to do with the proper feeding of the soul based on a critical examination of the true nature of the soul. As in all my books, I am indebted to the methods of examination from the Buddhas spiritual technology toolkit.

Understanding Biocentrism: The True Nature of the Universe Revealed

Understanding Biocentrism: The True Nature of the Universe Revealed

Author: Peter Thomas

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781634282376

Category: Science

Page: 46

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Have You Ever Wondered About The True Nature Of The Universe? What Is Beyond The Mysterious Beyond? Is There Another Life Somewhere? While many explorers are trying to find answers to our questions, Dr. Robert Lanza comes forward with a revolutionary new view of the universe. Understanding Biocentrism will trigger more questions that relate to our traditional ideas of life, space, and death. Biocentrism seem to bridge the gap between the existences of life contradicting the teachings of physics. This book penetrates biocentrism and the ideology of Dr. Robert Lanza and other professionals before him who in one way or another shares the same ideology as he does. This book attempts to answer the following questions: o What is biocentrism? o What is the connection of biocentrism and the universe? o What are the teachings of quantum physics and biocentrism? o What is the ideology behind intellicentrism and universecentrism? o How are these ideology compare to biocentrism? o What are the principles of biocentrism?

The Responsive Universe

The Responsive Universe

Author: John C. Bader

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477216323

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 268

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The Responsive Universe is a handbook to enlightenment. Within these pages are refreshing and insightful revelations, wisdom, practices designed to help the reader find happiness in a world of indifference. Through instinctual energy and insight, the Responsive Universe offers a succinct vision of your True Nature – your intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind of every sentient being. Much like clouds can obscure blue sky; the Responsive Universe illuminates a less trodden path of mindfulness and clarity with the goal of suffering less and connecting to that inner voice within that speaks wisdom and truth. Within the inviting realm of the Responsive Universe, John C. Bader will discuss living with an open mind, creation, de-construction of organized religion, karma, energy healing, coping with loss, abuse and a complete life changing shift in social mainstream perception. Additionally, a portion of the profits for this book will be donated to help fight and cure cancer. Join John C. Bader on your very own journey to self-actualization and enlightenment. Are you ready to leave the social static of the ego driven world and embrace true illumination, happiness and understanding? Your journey begins now and as you will soon find, positivity and possibility are boundless when you live in a Responsive Universe.

Experience of Reality

Experience of Reality

Author: Zen Master DaeWon Moon JaeHyeon

Publisher: Moonzen Press

ISBN: 9788986214970

Category: Religion

Page: 150

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Zen Master DaeWon's new book, Experience of Reality attempts to reveal the true meaning of Buddhism concisely. Through the discourses and kong-an Master will present his insightful teachings on Reality that is impossible to be understood without direct experience. The profound questions, which science and philosophy discuss only superficially like the origin of our universe, and the true meaning of nothingness will be wered by Master's enlightenment and wisdom. Furthermore, the Master will guide you through the important teachings of Buddhism including Mu-Myeong(original ignorance) as well as sudden enlightenment and instant cultivation. This book will open your mind to the Reality, as it is, and give you an opportunity to explore and experience it.

Wakan Tanka

Wakan Tanka

Author: John Bennett

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525576959

Category: Social Science

Page: 325

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Where did we come from? Why are we here? Is there a god? In our modern world, many people yearn for answers to these most fundamental of life's questions, having become disillusioned with trite explanations and troubled by narratives that deny their intuitive spirituality. Beginning with some of our most ancient ancestors, Wakan Tanka traces the evolution of humanity through the ages. Citing paleontological and archaeological discoveries, along with recent genetic evidence, it recounts how mankind evolved from the earliest mammals into anatomically and behaviourally modern humans. Wakan Tanka describes how human culture and spirituality evolved in concert with anatomy. Showing how humankind has, since very ancient times, had an instinctual, moral sense, it discusses how our spirituality has given us an appreciation for both the aesthetic and divine aspects of life as reflected in our cultures and artistic endeavours. By comparing philosophical and religious views of creation with modern scientific theory, Wakan Tanka reaches the conclusion that, rather than conflicting, these views are remarkably similar and equally valid ways of describing the same reality. Indeed, our scientific knowledge and spiritual beliefs can be harmonized, providing us with a deeper understanding of ourselves, of creation and of life's purpose.

The Forbidden History of Science

The Forbidden History of Science

Author: Mike Hockney

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326380410

Category: Religion


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“The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer.” – Terence McKenna At school, you are taught “science”. You are not taught the history of science, so you have no idea how science came to be the institution it now is. You are never taught the secret history of science whereby scientific idealism (based on the mind) could have become the orthodoxy, rather than scientific materialism (based on the body). In this book, we will show you how easily science could have taken an entirely different route from the one it did take. The heroes of this tale are Immanuel Kant (in his younger, Leibnizian years), and the Jesuit Roger Boscovich. Their system embraced mind in its own right, i.e. mind considered as something that does not owe its existence to matter. Read for yourself the astounding rival history of science. You will soon discover why it’s so terrified of drawing any attention to the secret history of science ... the forbidden history.

Bending Reality

Bending Reality

Author: Bernice Kelman

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426964503

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 349

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If you could converse with a wise spirit entity and ask any question you wished, what would you ask? Bending Reality: The Book traces a path that explores methods for dealing with life's everyday stresses and challenges and ways for expanding perception. By conversing with Sir Garrod, a spirit entity channeled through author Bernice Kelman, we can discover that we are much more than we thought we were and that reality is far greater than we have ever imagined. Everything that can be learned from him can be applied in very practical ways by learning how to find and use the energy of unconditional love to lead a more meaningful life. The spirit entity can provide guidance on a wide variety of questions, ranging from "How can I deal with my spouse, my boss, my mother-in-law?" to "Who was I in another life?" or "What happens when we die?" Sir Garrod explores the responses to these and other questions. He cautions, "Believe nothing, including what I tell you." Bending Reality: The Book provides the opportunity to test the spirit entity's ideas and suggestions and to see how they work for you.

Brilliant Sanity

Brilliant Sanity

Author: Francis J. Kaklauskas

Publisher: University of Rockies Press

ISBN: 9780976463849

Category: Philosophy

Page: 429

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Brilliant Sanity is a rare feat. This engaging and informative book is sure to become essential for psychotherapy scholars, acceptance and mindfulness researchers, and clinicians alike. This is one not to be missed.--Doug Mennin, Ph.D., Yale University.

Door to Glory

Door to Glory

Author: Douglas Grady

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504380980

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 608

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Our destiny after death is the foundation of our religious thought. Religious taboos have spoiled man's pleasures and delights by inconveniencing him to obtain religious comfort. Religion is based on the interaction between the etheric and physical worlds. Psychic science was mysterious to our ancestors, and as a consequence, they misunderstood and misinterpreted it. The Apostle John helps to clear up these issues in this book. John was a medium for his book of Revelation. Angels like John were formerly human beings who have lived on earth and died. Now they continue functioning in another world of finer vibrations. Marilyn is the medium for this book. In the past, Moses, Joshua, King David, prophets, and biblical writers were all mediums. As we are entering a new age, the Apostle John shed the light of the coming changes for our world. This addresses the question of how the world transforms to a more loving environment for the future and how soon it will happen. Also, John revealed the ending of control by the "behind the scenes" Dark Side that has caused an endless succession of bloody conflicts and devastating turmoil throughout human history. The Apostle John also gave the following explosive revelations: - When the soul enters a baby - The church's control of divorce - The life of Jesus after the crucifixion - The assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy - Civilization on Mars - Reincarnation and its removal from the Bible - Earthbound souls Find out these and other fascinating truths from the Apostle John regarding the perplexing questions that have pervaded mankind through the ages.

The Healing Power of Mind

The Healing Power of Mind

Author: Tulku Thondup

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834824256

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 135

The true nature of our minds is enlightened and peaceful, as the depth of the ocean is calm and clear. But when we mentally grasp and emotionally cling to our wants and worries with all our energy, we lose our own enlightened freedom and healing power, only to gain stress and exhaustion, suffering and overexcitement, like the turbulent waves rolling on the surface of the ocean. Our minds possess the power to heal pain and stress, and to blossom into peace and joy, by loosening the clinging attitudes that Buddhists call "grasping at self." If we apply the mind's healing power, we can heal not only our mental and emotional afflictions, but physical problems also. This book is an invitation to awaken the healing power of mind through inspiring images and sounds, mindful movements, positive perceptions, soothing feelings, trusting confidence, and the realization of openness. The healing principle on which these exercises are based is the universal nature and omnipresent power envisioned in Mahayana Buddhism. Yet for healing, we don't have to be believers in any particular faith. We can heal body and mind simply by being what we truly are, and by allowing our own natural healing qualities to manifest: a peaceful and open mind, a loving and positive attitude, and warm, joyful energy in a state of balance and harmony.