The Boxers, China, and the World

The Boxers, China, and the World

Author: Robert A. Bickers

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742553957

Category: China

Page: 268

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In 1900, China chose to take on imperialism by fighting a war with the world on the parched north China plain. This multi-disciplinary volume explores the causes behind what is now known as the Boxer war, examining its particular cruelties and its impact on China, foreign imperialism in China, and on the foreign imagination. The Boxers have often been represented as a force from China's past, resisting an enforced modernity. Here, expert contributors argue that this rebellion was instead a wholly modern resistance to globalizing power, representing new trends in modern China and in international relations. This volume will appeal to readers interested in modern Chinese, East Asian, and European history as well as the history of imperialism, colonialism, warfare, missionary work, and Christianity.

The Middle Class in World Society

The Middle Class in World Society

Author: Christian Suter

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000076158

Category: Political Science

Page: 380

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This volume delves into the study of the world’s emerging middle class. With essays on Europe, the United States, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, the book studies recent trends and developments in middle class evolution at the global, regional, national, and local levels. It reconsiders the conceptualization of the middle class, with a focus on the diversity of middle class formation in different regions and zones of world society. It also explores middle class lifestyles and everyday experiences, including experiences of social mobility, feelings of insecurity and anxiety, and even middle class engagement with social activism. Drawing on extensive fieldwork and in-depth interviews, the book provides a sophisticated analysis of this new and rapidly expanding socioeconomic group and puts forth some provocative ideas for intellectual and policy debates. It will be of importance to students and researchers of sociology, economics, development studies, political studies, Latin American studies, and Asian Studies.

Keeping the Ancient Way

Keeping the Ancient Way

Author: Robert Wilcher

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781800858763

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 384

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Written by one of the editors of the new complete works of Henry Vaughan, Keeping the Ancient Way is the first book-length study of the poet by a single author for twenty years. It deals with a number of key topics that are central to the understanding and appreciation of this major seventeenth-century writer. These include his debt to the hermetic philosophy espoused by his twin brother (the alchemist, Thomas Vaughan); his royalist allegiance in the Civil War; his loyalty to the outlawed Church of England during the Interregnum; the unusual degree of intertextuality in his poetry (especially with the Scriptures and the devotional lyrics of George Herbert); and his literary treatment of the natural world (which has been variously interpreted from Christian, proto-Romantic, and ecological perspectives). Each of the chapters is self-contained and places its topic in relation to past and current critical debates, but the book is organized so that the biographical, intellectual, and political focus of Part One informs the discussion of poetic craftsmanship in Part Two. A wealth of historical information and close critical readings provide an accessible introduction to the poet and his period for students and general readers alike. The up-to-date scholarship will also be of interest to specialists in the literature and history of the Civil War and Interregnum.

Monthly Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin

Author: Michigan State University. Agricultural Experiment Station


ISBN: UOM:39015073299318


Page: 786

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J.G. Ballard’s Politics

J.G. Ballard’s Politics

Author: Florian Cord

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110488302

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 274

View: 933

This book is the first sustained investigation of the political dimension in the work of J.G. Ballard. A product of and reaction to the cultural-socio-economic moment commonly designated as the postmodern condition, Ballard’s oeuvre is read as a continuous and developing meditation on the postmodern, examining it specifically as an expression of late capitalism. The book shows that at the heart of this meditation lies the question of resistance. Drawing on a wide range of concepts and ideas taken from the field of critical theory, it argues that in the face of a world marked by an unprecedented expansion of capital, in which modernity’s grand narratives have been invalidated and in which received forms of political struggle have lost their effectiveness, Ballard’s fiction commits itself to a deliberately irrational and extreme, pataphysical thought in order to develop a new discourse of resistance. Against past readings that have construed Ballard’s writing as non-political, decadent, or quietist, the study thus reveals Ballard as a thoroughly political author, committed to a subversive politics. In this way, the book also constitutes a timely intervention in the ongoing discussion concerning the nature and state of the political.

Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan

Positive Psychology Across the Lifespan

Author: Piers Worth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000542721

Category: Psychology

Page: 214

View: 535

Positive Psychology Across the Life Span provides an insight into how we are affected by the different stages of adult development and gives us the opportunity to change through choice rather than leaving change to chance. The science of positive psychology offers a wealth of research and evidence-based interventions and shares insights into which habits and behaviours contribute to how to live a flourishing life. This book aims to extend that knowledge by introducing and incorporating key aspects of existential and humanistic psychology and explores positive psychology with a lifespan perspective. It goes beyond theory to look at practical application, with insightful reflective questions. Whilst acknowledging the differences and disagreements between some of the key figures in the subject areas of the book, it seeks to highlight the areas where there is agreement and congruence which have been previously overlooked or ignored. The book will be essential reading for students and practitioners of positive psychology as well as other mental health professionals.