Never Get Lost Again!

Never Get Lost Again!

Author: Linda Grekin

Publisher: How To Books Ltd

ISBN: 1857039173

Category: Geographical perception

Page: 132

View: 651

Up to 25 per cent of peole have a poor sense of direction that adversely affects their lives. In this book, the author has not only produced fascinating research on the subject, she also makes suggestions on how to minimize a problem that affects so many of us.

Josie's Story

Josie's Story

Author: Sorrel King

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9780802198983

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 536

The “wrenching but inspiring” true story of a tragic medical mistake that turned a grieving mother into a national advocate (The Wall Street Journal). Sorrel King was a young mother of four when her eighteen-month-old daughter was badly burned by a faulty water heater in the family’s new home. Taken to the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, Josie made a remarkable recovery. But as she was preparing to leave, the hospital’s system of communication broke down and Josie was given a fatal shot of methadone, sending her into cardiac arrest. Within forty-eight hours, the King family went from planning a homecoming to planning a funeral. Dizzy with grief, falling into deep depression, and close to ending her marriage, Sorrel slowly pulled herself and her life back together. Accepting Hopkins’ settlement, she and her husband established the Josie King Foundation. They began to implement basic programs in hospitals emphasizing communication between patients, family, and medical staff—programs like Family-Activated Rapid Response Teams, which are now in place in hospitals around the country. Today Sorrel and the work of the foundation have had a tremendous impact on health-care providers, making medical care safer for all of us, and earning Sorrel a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading voices in patient safety. “I cried . . . I cheered” at this account of one woman’s unlikely path from full-time mom to nationally renowned patient advocate (Ann Hood). “Part indictment, part celebration, part catharsis” Josie’s Story is the startling, moving, and inspirational chronicle of how a mother—and her unforgettable daughter—are transforming the face of American medicine (Richmond Times-Dispatch).



Author: Lyle Kessler

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 9780802193117

Category: Drama

Page: 352

View: 125

A Best Revival Tony Award-nominated play starring Alec Baldwin. “A briskly entertaining, deeply affecting play. Darkly funny and moving.”—USA Today In a run-down house in North Philadelphia live two orphan brothers: the reclusive, sensitive Philip, sealed off in a world of StarKist tuna and Errol Flynn movies, and Treat, a violent pickpocket and thief. Into this ferocious and funny realm enters Harold, a mysterious, wealthy, middle-aged man who is kidnapped by Treat, but who soon turns the tables on the two brothers, changing forever the delicate power balance of their relationship. Both hilarious and heartbreaking, Orphans is a story of the universal love of a father for his son, and a son’s need to live his own life. Orphans is an international theatrical phenomenon and has been produced in almost every country in the world. It premiered in 1983 at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles, was subsequently produced by Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, off-Broadway at the Westside Arts Theatre and in London, and was adapted for film, starring Albert Finney as Harold. The 2013 production marked the play’s first Broadway presentation and inspired Alec Baldwin to say, “I have dreamed, for a long time, of doing this play with this director.” “Orphans has enduring appeal, its powerful theme of fathers and sons searching each other out. Alec Baldwin mines the vein of tenderness that lies deep in the play.”—Variety “Wickedly funny one minute and powerfully emotional the next. Kessler uses humor as a subversive force, making the shift into despair a visceral gut punch.”—The Hollywood Reporter “Keeps you transfixed.”—New York Daily News

Merrileggs of Macon County

Merrileggs of Macon County


Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1456769723

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 74

View: 266

Suddenly, out of the woods from the top of the mountain, came the pony. She was in a full gallop! Galloping so hard she looked like a runaway bulldozer coming through the woods, mowing down everything in front of her. PONY, I am over here! Grace screamed. The pony made a hard right turn and headed for the larger dog that had Grace penned to the tree. The big dog turned to confront the pony that was galloping towards him. The pony lowered her head and pinned her ears. The dogs could see she meant business. The ponys eyes were full of fury at these dogs that were trying to hurt her friend. She stopped in front of the large dog and reached out with her hoof, and took a swat at the big dogs head, but missed. She penned her ears again and reared up on her back legs, then came down striking the dog on his back. The dog yelped in pain as it rolled on the ground. The smaller dogs ran to the side of the pony and grabbed her front legs with their teeth. The pony reared up again and dislodged both the dogs grip and they fell back to the ground. The pony turned around to one of the smaller dogs and kicked it into a tree. It hit the tree and fell to the ground, and took off running, screaming in pain. The other dogs knew they didnt have a chance and turned away from the pony and ran as fast as they could behind the small dog. The large dog looked over his shoulder making sure this monster was not chasing him. They ran away howling, following a creek bed until their howl vanished in the forest.

Love Redeemed

Love Redeemed

Author: Kelly Irvin

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736954969

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 833

In the second book of the New Hope Amish series, acclaimed author Kelly Irvin spins a tale of romance, grief, and redemption deep in Amish country. Phoebe Christner is thrilled when the families of her close-knit Amish community decide to spend a week at the lake. She feels she’s earned a break...and it doesn’t hurt that Michael Daugherty will be coming along. They’ll find ways to spend time together—she’s certain of it—and their romance will have time to blossom. But when tragedy strikes, Phoebe and Michael are torn apart by their pain and the knowledge of their guilt. As they both cope with the loss of a loved one, they will come to discover that they are worthy not only of each other’s love, but God’s love. A tender novel of faith and family set in the heart of Amish country.

Highway Madness the Plain Truth Volume 1

Highway Madness the Plain Truth Volume 1

Author: Terrance Maddox

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468532863

Category: Poetry

Page: 114

View: 471

Poetry, prose, and safety insights make this the handbook of the motorist choice. After years of vengeful driving, the truck-driving author, Terrance T. Maddox, has written this book from his many years of driving experience. I started driving tractor-trailors many years ago. I have made more than my share of mistakes along the way. Fortunately, no one has been injured or killed due to my own stupidity. Accidents are caused, they dont just happen. Road hazards, obstacles, or someone simply not paying attention is a threat to humanity. Reading and learning the contents of this book could save the lives of you and others by knowing these hazards and how to protect yourself from them. Be sure to read Terrance T. Maddoxs other books in this unique, and often delightfully humorous, series he calls, Highway Madness, The Plain Truth.

Anatomy of a Premise Line

Anatomy of a Premise Line

Author: Jeff Lyons

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317558958

Category: Art

Page: 186

View: 284

If a story is going to fail, it will do so first at the premise level. Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Master Premise and Story Development for Writing Success is the only book of its kind to identify a seven-step development process that can be repeated and applied to any story idea. This process will save you time, money, and potentially months of wasted writing. So whether you are trying to write a feature screenplay, develop a television pilot, or just trying to figure out your next story move as a writer, this book gives you the tools you need to know which ideas are worth pursuing. In addition to the 7-step premise development tool, Anatomy of a Premise Line also presents a premise and idea testing methodology that can be used to test any developed premise line. Customized exercises and worksheets are included to facilitate knowledge transfer, so that by the end of the book, you will have a fully developed premise line, log line, tagline, and a completed premise-testing checklist. Here is some of what you will learn inside: Ways to determine whether or not your story is a good fit for print or screen Case studies and hands-on worksheets to help you learn by participating in the process Tips on how to effectively work through writer’s block A companion website ( with additional worksheets, videos, and interactive tools to help you learn the basics of perfecting a killer premise line

The Cambridge Handbook of Visuospatial Thinking

The Cambridge Handbook of Visuospatial Thinking

Author: Priti Shah

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521807107

Category: Psychology

Page: 584

View: 885

The ability to navigate across town, comprehend an animated display of the functioning of the human heart, view complex multivariate data on a company's website, or to read an architectural blueprint and form a three-dimensional mental picture of a house are all tasks involving visuospatial thinking. The field of visuospatial thinking is a relatively diverse interdisciplinary research enterprise. An understanding of visuospatial thinking, and in particular, how people represent and process visual and spatial information, is relevant not only to cognitive psychology but also education, geography, architecture, medicine, design computer science/artificial intelligence, semiotics and animal cognition. The goal of this book, first published in 2005, is to present a broad overview of research on visuospatial thinking that can be used by researchers as well as students interested in this topic in both basic research and applied/naturalistic contexts.