Publisher: Book Rivers

ISBN: 9798690251437

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 105

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A Talk with My Room" by Karanjot Kaur is an introspective visualization of situations in day to day life. Our life is directed by the thoughts we own and the values we practice. It is enhanced by our personal values and perceptions. This book is all about the perspectives of the author, who could find inspiration from the simplest things. It will provide a different outlook to your world. Be ready to be inspired and motivate yourself towards positivity

The Song of Hannah

The Song of Hannah

Author: Eva Etzioni-Halevy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440649479

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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In the tradition of the international bestseller The Red Tent comes a beautiful, sexy novel featuring Hannah, one of the most well-known and beloved heroines of the Old Testament. Hannah and Pninah, once close childhood friends, become rivals for the attention of Elkanah, the man who has married them both. Pninah, passionate and independent, easily bears Elkanah many children, but bitter that he has taken her friend as a second wife, seeks fulfillment with her own secret lover. Hannah, the epitome of goodness and grace, remains completely devoted to her husband, but remains childless for many years, until a promise to God brings her the son she has yearned for. Despite their differences, these two women must learn to live together, protecting their own interests as well as each other’s, while sharing not only the love of their husband, but that of Hannah’s son Samuel, who will become one of the great prophets of the Jewish people.

The Strongest Rural Doctor

The Strongest Rural Doctor

Author: Xiao ShanGe

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636891897

Category: Fiction


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Ergou's beautiful girlfriend had been snatched away by a village bumpkin, fighting for her life with a village bumpkin. And see how the village doctors free and unfettered countryside, for the beautiful women cure disease exorcism, as the villagers to make a rich leader. Watching a little village doctor tread the path of the strongest...

What Should I Do When Grief Strikes?

What Should I Do When Grief Strikes?

Author: Tom Morris

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557190706


Page: 44

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Life requires death as its conclusion. This is part of the human condition. Growth from death is only an option. Growth is a goal that can only be achieved with effort. Many people are 'torn down' by grief and it sets them back. I have had family and friends that have never recovered from loss. Growing is a choice. Choose growth or choose life. The decision is only yours. The wise choice is growth. GrievingTeensPublishing.com GrievingTeens.com

The Attic

The Attic

Author: DeHaven Alexander

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452027161

Category: Fiction

Page: 58

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This is a chilling story about two brothers and a college friend who rent a house from their father. Everytime they have friends over to visit they hear strange noises through the house. Something is in the attic. People are starting to vanish in the house. Family and friends are not believing, they think they are making it up. What could it be?

My Special Angel

My Special Angel

Author: Doris Barnes Brown

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982239350

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 230

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“My Special Angel, Miss Beverly Ann Brown,” is a story celebrating the life of a person who was born in 1962 and diagnosed at birth as a “Mongoloid,” later known as Down’s syndrome. At that time many “mentally retarded” persons as they were referred to, were institutionalized at birth or kept at home as “closet children.” Because they were believed to be unteachable, there were no schools or vocational workshops to even try to teach them. Change was coming and I believe that God’s purpose for Beverly on earth was to be a part of that change of the attitude toward and the mistreatment and neglect of the mentally challenged. Even at a young age, Beverly was a blessing spreading God’s love with her hugs to everyone she met. Through her experiences on her life’s journey and her desire for independence, this red-haired, energetic, beautiful lady was instrumental in helping to pave the way for other mentally challenged persons. At age fifty-five, when Beverly had fulfilled her mission and purpose on earth, God called her home.

The Hearts of a Girl

The Hearts of a Girl

Author: Jessica Carmel

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781630477561

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 698

A riveting medical memoir about a family’s journey through multiple surgeries, and a determined battle for survival. Jessica Carmel was born with a severe congenital heart condition. When she was just four days old, her parents learned she would need heart surgery. They had no idea that her future held multiple surgeries and even more unexpected challenges. Sixteen years later, as Jessica sat in her cardiologist’s office for a routine checkup, he told her and her mom that there was nothing more he could do for her. Jessica needed a heart transplant. Three weeks later, Jessica underwent heart transplant surgery. Her recovery was long, but good—but about ten years later, she learned that she was in desperate need of a new kidney. Her only hope of survival was her sister, Amy—who heroically offered up one of her own kidneys. Now their mother would be seeing both of her daughters off to the operating room . . . This remarkable story of one young woman’s journey through the medical maze—including financial struggles and battles with insurance companies—and a family’s determination to survive and thrive together, is both an informative, fascinating look at health care and an uplifting, inspiring read.

Lonesome Hero

Lonesome Hero

Author: Fred Stenson

Publisher: Brindle and Glass

ISBN: 9781926972121

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Meet Tyrone Lock: born of farmers' stock; overeducated, underemployed. An inveterate pick-nose and clandestine squeezer of Revels in the supermarket. Disaffected in a way that Adrian Mole would recognize (though as Tyrone takes pains to point out, he's hardly a tortured artist; his BA was in Economics). Inexplicably involved with the lovely, pampered Miss Athena Till. The young couple are preparing for their first trip abroad: the obligatory horizon-widening sojourn in Europe, the Land of the Forefathers and the Wellspring of Culture. Except that this is an excursion that Tyrone would do anything to get out of. His horizons are plenty broad, thank you very much, and he'd rather spend his days taking walks with his dog, fly-fishing without a hook, and composing such melodious odes to his native land as: O Beaver Creek, In the Foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, I would sooner have you, Than a bunch of crappy marble fountains. First published in 1974 and now released for the first time in paperback, Lonesome Hero is a comic classic, the award-winning smartass novel that launched a spectacular writing career. This new revised edition restores scenes deleted from the original and also features an introduction by the inimitable Mark Anthony Jarman and an afterword by the author, who reflects how glad he is, looking back at his first novel, that Lonesome Hero still manages to embody the ironies of the era, the fact that we often understood perfectly how cartoonish we were. The early '70s was about avoiding work at all costs and trying to live amusingly during all one's waking hours: about how weirdly far we would go to accomplish that.

People of the Great Journey

People of the Great Journey

Author: O.R. Melling

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781781802243

Category: Fiction

Page: 433

View: 600

Olwen Mellory is called away from her life as a writer of fairy tales to take part in a week-long retreat on a remote Scottish island. 'The Great Journey' promises to be full of magical wisdom and visionary experiences. It's an invitation she can't resist. But within hours of arriving at the imposing Dunesfort House and meeting her companions in the circle, Olwen's adventure takes an unexpected turn. Before long, her daytime explorations of mystical practices are paired with night-time dreams and phantasms that blur the line between the real and the imaginary. As the enigmatic but vaguely sinister course director asserts his authority in a bid to create an act of modern alchemy, Olwen begins to wonder in whom she can trust. After a shocking event in the circle Olwen flees across the moors to the Callanish Stones, only to find herself caught in an ancient moon rite. Will this final calling free her from her personal demons forever, or will it be the beginning of a new nightmare?