Africa in Contemporary Perspective

Africa in Contemporary Perspective

Author: Manuh, Takyiwaa

Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers

ISBN: 9789988647377

Category: Social Science

Page: 530

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An important feature of Ghanaian tertiary education is the foundational African Studies Programme which was initiated in the early 1960s. Unfortunately hardly any readers exist which bring together a body of knowledge on the themes, issues and debates which inform and animate research and teaching in African Studies particularly on the African continent. This becomes even more important when we consider the need for knowledge on Africa that is not Eurocentric or sensationalised, but driven from internal understandings of life and prospects in Africa. Dominant representations and perceptions of Africa usually depict a continent in crisis. Rather than buying into external representations of Africa, with its 'lacks' and aspirations for Western modernities, we insist that African scholars in particular should be in the forefront of promoting understanding of the pluri-lingual, overlapping, and dense reality of life and developments on the continent, to produce relevant and usable knowledge. Continuing and renewed interest in Africa's resources, including the land mass, economy, minerals, visual arts and performance cultures, as well as bio-medical knowledge and products, by old and new geopolitical players, obliges African scholars to transcend disciplinary boundaries and to work with each other to advance knowledge and uses of those resources in the interests of Africa's people.

Contemporary Perspectives on African Moral Economy

Contemporary Perspectives on African Moral Economy

Author: Isaria N. Kimambo

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789976604658

Category: Africa

Page: 242

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The topic of African moral economy was first raised by Goran Hyden in 1980 as one of the main obstacles to economic transformation of the African peasantry. The suggestion caused serious academic debates between the proposer and other scholars on African societies, especially those using political economy as the framework of their analysis. But Hyden continued to defend his thesis until interest in the debate faded out. More recently Japanese scholars have taken up the topic as it appears to have new relevance in comparison with the fast transformations which have taken place in Southeast Asian rural communities. The focus of this book is to give a detailed comparison between African rural communities and those of Southeastern Asia. Attention is focused on the two main aspects of African peasantry life: the right to subsistence and the norm of reciprocity. A wide interdisciplinary approach is employed to demonstrate the dynamism displayed by these societies.

Towards an Understanding of the African Experience from Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Towards an Understanding of the African Experience from Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Author: Festus Ugboaja Ohaegbulam

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0819179418

Category: Africa

Page: 308

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This introductory survey provides a rich understanding of the African experience which, until recently, either had been omitted from the curriculum of institutions of higher learning or was distorted in written and oral literature. The book identifies the post-World War II civil rights movement in America and the independence revolution in Africa as the most decisive forces that generated interest in the study of the African/black experience. Includes four theoretical models for interpreting the black experience. The author discusses the place and role of Africa in the development of human civilization, focusing on Africa's Nile Valley civilizations and Western Sudanic empires. It probes aspects of traditional African culture, including the family, traditional political institutions and religion, and analyzes the impact on Africa and its peoples of such historical traumas as slavery, colonialism, and decolonization.

International Sanctions in Contemporary Perspective

International Sanctions in Contemporary Perspective

Author: Margaret P. Doxey

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349250165

Category: Political Science

Page: 151

View: 456

This important book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the subject of international sanctions. It provides summaries of fourteen major cases, including South Africa, Iraq and Serbia, and analysis of the complex political and economic problems which sanctions pose for governments of sender states as well as for targets. Goals, costs, vulnerability and humanitarian considerations are examined in the light of 20th-century experience and the enhanced role of the United Nations since the end of the Cold War receives detailed consideration.

Contemporary Perspective on Child Psychology and Education

Contemporary Perspective on Child Psychology and Education

Author: Şenay Çetinkaya

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535137382

Category: Psychology

Page: 146

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In contemporary understanding, the working areas of children's psychology are expanding considerably. The mental health of the children ensures that they are able to use their developmental abilities, cope with difficulties in life, be productive and be creative, and demonstrate cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics appropriate to their developmental turn. This research was conducted to be able to identify behavioral disorders that may be a sign of children's mental problems and to shed light on the resolution of possible problems by facilitating the follow-up of psychosocial developments during the period of growth. This book presents an overview of the contemporary approaches in the departments of child education and psychology, with the hope of them growing up as happy, peaceful, balanced, thoughtful confident and successful individuals.

Philosophical Foundations of the African Humanities through Postcolonial Perspectives

Philosophical Foundations of the African Humanities through Postcolonial Perspectives


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004392946

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 313

View: 910

These essays by scholars in postcolonial studies demonstrate that the humanities’ relevance lies, not in creating a “world culture” to address the world’s problems, but in critical analyses of alterity, difference, and how the Other is perceived, defined and subdued.

African Musical Symbolism in Contemporary Perspective

African Musical Symbolism in Contemporary Perspective

Author: John Collins

Publisher: John Collins

ISBN: UOM:39015057562384

Category: Folk music

Page: 408

View: 742

Since the turn of the century the world has been swept by a succession of Black American dance beats, from Ragtime to Rap - followed in recent years by the popular "world" music of Africa itself. This book examines why all this Black "roots" and ethnic music has become the dominant sound of our global age. The book 's first section, deals with the symbolic knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa embedded in its music and traditional worldviews. Its second section examines how some areas of recent scientific research have moved away from the mechanistic and deterministic ethos of industrialism towards relativistic, holistic, circular, and participatory ideas that are, surprisingly, in tune with the old African symbols discussed in the first section. In short, the old insights and musical wisdom of Africa and its Diaspora are helping provide the contemporary age with the means of harmonizing our heads and feet,mind and matter, inner and outer and generally putting breathing-space, play and "swing" into a materialist world. John Collins has been active in the Ghanaian/West African music scene since 1969 as a guitarist, band leader, music union activist, journalist and writer. He obtained his in sociology/archaeology from the University of Ghana in 1972 and his PhD in Ethnomusicology from SUNY Buffalo in 1994. He began teaching at the Music Department of the University of Ghana in 1995,obtained a Full Professorship there in 2002 and in 2003 became Head of Department. He is currently manager of Bokoor Recording Studio, chairman of the BAPMAF African Music Archives Foundation, a consultant for several Ghana music unions and coleader of the Local Dimension Highlife Band.

Contemporary Perspectives On Early Childhood Education

Contemporary Perspectives On Early Childhood Education

Author: Yelland, Nicola

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335237876

Category: Education

Page: 287

View: 920

This book considers and interrogates a range of new and critical issues in contemporary early childhood education. It discusses both fundamental and emerging topics in the field, and presents them in the context of reflective and contemporary frameworks.

Sino-Indian Relations: Contemporary Perspective

Sino-Indian Relations: Contemporary Perspective

Author: Dr. Sidda Goud

Publisher: Allied Publishers

ISBN: 9789385926228

Category: History

Page: 180

View: 699

This book is a collection of papers presented at the National Symposium on “India-China Relations: Recent Developments”, organized by UGC Centre for Indian Ocean Studies, Osmania University, Hyderabad, in December 2015. The book deals with China’s growing geostrategic presence in the Indian Ocean and the infrastructural and development initiatives by China which caused ripples in the Economic, Strategic and Political spheres not only in the neighbouring countries but also around the world as well. The emergence of new institutions for development and cooperation and its impact on India-China relations is a cause of concern, for the two countries are likely to be major players in the region from a long-term point of view.

Public Policy and Research in Africa

Public Policy and Research in Africa

Author: E. Remi Aiyede

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030997243

Category: Political Science

Page: 284

View: 477

This open access book responds to the need for a specifically African focus on public policy. It outlines the fundamental principles of public policy research, and engages with major issues in the study of public policy from an African perspective, covering essential topics such as the location and centrality of social sciences in relation to public policy, leadership, methodology, institutions, governance, and gender. This book is essential for understanding the various aspects and dimensions of policy making in Africa that underscore quality research and are at the core of excellence in teaching and learning.