10 Steps to Success

10 Steps to Success

Author: Daniel Fowler

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595375561

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 56

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Advanced praise for 10 Steps to Success- '.outstanding, insightful and very timely for the newer agent. It also serves as a reminder to the veteran agent as well. Your ideas are easily understood and should be accepted by those who read the book. This should help many " -David Carter, sales director, Midland East American Family Insurance Group Learn how to be a successful insurance agent with the simple techniques in 10 Steps to Success. Author Daniel S. Fowler utilizes his thirty years of experience in the insurance business to illustrate how to work smarter rather than harder toward building a successful insurance agency. Fowler's unique information applies to almost any business and will give you the tips you need to achieve your goals, including: Building relationships Marketing and business plans Listening to yourself and your clients The importance of good employees With 10 Steps to Success, Fowler shows you how to provide not only the service people expect, but also the service people don't expect.

Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933–1945

Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933–1945

Author: Gerald D. Feldman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139432733

Category: History

Page: 568

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This history of the internationally prominent insurance corporation Allianz AG in the Nazi era is based largely on new or previously unavailable archival sources. Feldman takes the reader through varied cases of collaboration and conflict with the Nazi regime with fairness and a commitment to informed analysis. He touches on issues of damages in the Pogrom of 1938, insuring facilities used in forced labour camps, and the problems of de-Nazification and restitution. The broader issues examined in this study - cooperation with Nazi policies, the way in which profit, ideology, and opportunism played a role in corporate decision-making, and the question of how Jewish insurance assets were expropriated - are particularly relevant today given the ongoing international debate about restitution for Holocaust survivors. This book joins a growing body of scholarship based on free access to the records of German corporations in the Nazi era.

Handbook of International Insurance

Handbook of International Insurance

Author: J. David Cummins

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387341637

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 982

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Handbook of International Insurance: Between Global Dynamics and Local Contingencies analyzes key trends in the insurance industry in more than 15 important national insurance markets that represent over 90 percent of world insurance premiums. Well-known academics from Europe, the Americas and Asia examine their own national insurance markets, including the competitive structure, product and service innovations, and regulatory developments. The book provides academics and executives with an unprecedented range of information about today’s insurance markets. This book also provides important 'new' information on the evolution of the financial sector worldwide and comprehensive chapters on reinsurance, Lloyd’s of London, alternative risk transfer, South and East Asian insurance markets, and European insurance markets. Setting the stage is an overview chapter by the editors focusing on overall conclusions on globalization.

Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly


ISBN: MINN:31951D02113135O

Category: Airlines


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So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent Third Edition

So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent Third Edition

Author: Jeff Hastings

Publisher: Chart House Press

ISBN: 0979003644

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 274

View: 139

There is more to selling insurance than writing policies. When done right, you can build a successful business that affords you a lifestyle most people only dream about. Why try to figure it out on your own when you can learn from someone who has already been there and done that? Jeff Hastings knows insurance, and he knows how to build a profitable business. Since starting as a file clerk with Farmers Insurance Group in 1985, Jeff has built an extraordinary business, consistently receiving top awards, including District Manager of the Year in 2005. He and the agents in his district have achieved phenomenal success, and now he shares the keys to their success with you. Many of the business tools you will need are included such as licensing guidelines, a business plan, employment contracts, an employee handbook, business forms and more. If you are serious about building your own insurance agency, So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent gives you a complete system to develop, manage and grow your business.

Setting Up and Running a Therapy Business

Setting Up and Running a Therapy Business

Author: James Rye

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000202632

Category: Psychology

Page: 134

View: 750

Setting Up and Running a Therapy Business provides a succinct, practical, and accessible guide for counsellors starting out in private practice as well as for more experienced practitioners who would like advice on how to continue to attract a larger clientele. This second edition has been restructured to bring all the marketing chapters together to help counsellors understand a variety of ways of helping their business grow, and includes new material on using social media. Through the inclusion of topics such as setting up a website, choosing an ideal workplace, marketing, meeting data storage standards (including new material on GDPR), and methods of accepting payments, the author offers his expertise and guidance to help practitioners make wise, workable decisions based on a thorough understanding of the stakes as well as the viable options. As a book that bridges the gap between being a good counsellor and running a successful counselling business, it is a comprehensive read not only for counsellors who are just starting in private practice, but also for senior practitioners seeking a fresh perspective on their business.

Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing: Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months

Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing: Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months

Author: Robert Skrob

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 9781599184104

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 385

View: 612

Generate Quick, Sustainable Wealth Why do some business owners get rich while others struggle to get by? Because success is not a result of working harder than everyone else—it’s about building a business that enables you to accumulate wealth. Step into the world of information marketing, where people package their passion and interests into a business, creating an extraordinary income and lifestyle! Personally coached by Robert Skrob, the president of the Information Marketing Association, uncover the secrets to create your own information marketing empire. Five ways to quickly launch a business that creates quick, sustainable wealth How to get paid to create your first information product and leverage it many times over How to build a million-dollar business without spending a penny in advertising The business plan to generate $1 million on one weekend How to quadruple the price you can charge for your products How to use “sugar daddies” to deliver customers to your business The single most profitable marketing tool any business can use to make its marketing generate a profit How to sell paper printed from your computer for thousands of dollars How to follow in the footsteps of 12 successful info marketers—case studies inside Discover exactly what you need to do to launch your business, generate sales, and deposit money into your checking account before the end of TODAY.

Analytics for Insurance

Analytics for Insurance

Author: Tony Boobier

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119141075

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 827

The business guide to Big Data in insurance, with practical application insight Big Data and Analytics for Insurers is the industry-specific guide to creating operational effectiveness, managing risk, improving financials, and retaining customers. Written from a non-IT perspective, this book focusses less on the architecture and technical details, instead providing practical guidance on translating analytics into target delivery. The discussion examines implementation, interpretation, and application to show you what Big Data can do for your business, with insights and examples targeted specifically to the insurance industry. From fraud analytics in claims management, to customer analytics, to risk analytics in Solvency 2, comprehensive coverage presented in accessible language makes this guide an invaluable resource for any insurance professional. The insurance industry is heavily dependent on data, and the advent of Big Data and analytics represents a major advance with tremendous potential – yet clear, practical advice on the business side of analytics is lacking. This book fills the void with concrete information on using Big Data in the context of day-to-day insurance operations and strategy. Understand what Big Data is and what it can do Delve into Big Data's specific impact on the insurance industry Learn how advanced analytics can revolutionise the industry Bring Big Data out of IT and into strategy, management, marketing, and more Big Data and analytics is changing business – but how? The majority of Big Data guides discuss data collection, database administration, advanced analytics, and the power of Big Data – but what do you actually do with it? Big Data and Analytics for Insurers answers your questions in real, everyday business terms, tailored specifically to the insurance industry's unique needs, challenges, and targets.