Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio

Author: Rosalie Schwartz

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781585444212

Category: Social Science

Page: 396

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In this book, author Rosalie Schwartz uses the 1933 RKORadio Pictures production Flying Down to Rio to examine the interplay of technology and popular culture that shaped a distinctive twentiethcentury sensibility. The musical comedy connected airplanes, movies, and tourism, ending spectacularly with chorus girls dancing on the wings of airplanes high above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Hollywood fantasy capped three decades during which airplanes and movies engendered new expectations and redefined peoples sense of wellbeing, their personal satisfactions, and their interpersonal relations. Wilbur and Orville Wright flew their airplane in 1903, at the same time that filmmakers began to project edited, filmed stories onto large screens. Spectators found entertainment value in both airplane competitions and motion pictures, and movie producers brought the thrill of aviators antics to a rapidly expanding audience. Meanwhile, air shows and competitions attracted large crowds of tourists. Mass tourism grew as a leisuretime activity, stimulated in part by travelogues and feature films. By 1930, the businessmen who envisioned transporting tourists to their destinations by airplane struggled to overcome the movieexaggerated association of flight with danger. Schwartz weaves these threads into a story of human daring and persistence, political intrigue, and international competition. From Wilbur and Orville to Fred and Ginger, Schwartzs narrative follows the fortunes of aviation and movie pioneers and the foundations and growth of Pan American Airways and RKORadio Pictures, the two companies that came together in Flying Down to Rio. By the end of the twentieth century, aviation, movies, and mass tourism had become powerful global industries, contributing to an internationally connected, entertainmentoriented culture. What was once unthinkable had now become expected.

New International Business English Updated Edition Teacher's Book

New International Business English Updated Edition Teacher's Book

Author: Leo Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521774713

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 228

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New International Business English is a flexible course at the upper-intermediate level for people who need or will soon need to use English in their day-to-day work.All four skills - listening, speaking, reading, writing - are developed through a wide range of tasks which closely reflect the world of work.



Author: Aaron Sultanik

Publisher: Associated University Presses

ISBN: 0845348523

Category: Photography

Page: 188

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Camera-Cut-Composition: A Learning Model is a film rhetoric based on the uniquely cognitive nature of motion pictures. It is designed for filmmaking and film studies programs. A historical survey of breakthrough technical advances and artistic triumphs is combined with an analysis of the filmmaking process to show the constructive perceptual unity surrounding the making and interpretation of motion pictures. According to author Aaron Sultanik, the viewer's response to a film derives from three visually ascertained, dramatically realized cognitive elements: (1) the multiple points of view of a camera's placement, angle, and mobility; (2) the dynamic spatiotemporal assemblage of a film's editing; (3) and the final meaning of a film through the story's pictorial stylization. Sultanik offers instructive analogies to classic texts in rhetoric, visual perception, and film criticism to define a movie's distinct aesthetic properties and their perceptual-cognitive interdependence.

FDR's Good Neighbor Policy

FDR's Good Neighbor Policy

Author: Fredrick B. Pike

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292786097

Category: Political Science

Page: 599

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A study of how and why US-Latin American relations changed in the 1930s: “Brilliant . . . [A] charming and perceptive work.” ―Foreign Affairs During the 1930s, the United States began to look more favorably on its southern neighbors. Latin America offered expanded markets to an economy crippled by the Great Depression, while threats of war abroad nurtured in many Americans isolationist tendencies and a desire for improved hemispheric relations. One of these Americans was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the primary author of America’s Good Neighbor Policy. In this thought-provoking book, Bolton Prize winner Fredrick Pike takes a wide-ranging look at FDR’s motives for pursuing the Good Neighbor Policy, how he implemented it, and how its themes played out up to the mid-1990s. Pike’s investigation goes far beyond standard studies of foreign and economic policy. He explores how FDR’s personality and Eleanor Roosevelt’s social activism made them uniquely simpático to Latin Americans. He also demonstrates how Latin culture flowed north to influence U.S. literature, film, and opera. This book is essential reading for everyone interested in hemispheric relations.

Pop Culture Latin America!

Pop Culture Latin America!

Author: Lisa Shaw

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781851095049

Category: Latin America

Page: 418

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A survey of contemporary Latin American popular culture, covering topics that range from music and film to popular festivals and fashion. Like no other volume of its kind, Pop Culture Latin America! captures the breadth and vitality of pop culture in Central and South America and the Caribbean, exploring both familiar and lesser-known aspects of its unique melange of art, entertainment, spirituality, and celebrations. Written by contributors who are scholars and specialists in the cultures and languages of Latin America, the book focuses on the historical, social, and political forces that have shaped Latino culture since 1945, particularly in the last two decades. Separate chapters cover music, popular cinema, mass media, theater and performance, literature, cultural heroes, religions and festivals, social movements and politics, the visual arts and architecture, sports and leisure, travel and tourism, and language. Chronology of major developments in the cultural life of post-1945 Latin America A bibliography of the literature and electronic resources on the major forms of popular culture in each country or region

Pan Am

Pan Am

Author: Lynn M. Homan

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738505528

Category: History

Page: 132

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Pan American World Airways could be considered a corporate Cinderella--a rags-to-riches-and-back-again phenomenon. From its founding in 1927 and its relatively obscure inauguration as a mail carrier on a 90-mile mail run from Florida's Key West to Cuba, Pan Am's route system grew to span the globe. The company that would eventually become famous for its blue-and-white-world logo grew into a conglomerate of hotels, airlines, business jets, real estate, a helicopter service, and even a guided missiles range division. But financial problems plagued Pan Am in its last two decades, and in 1991, Pan American World Airways ceased flying after 64 years of service. The story of Pan Am is as much the story of president Juan T. Trippe as it is an account of airplanes, pilots, flight attendants, and glamorous destinations. As the company moved throughout the world building airfields from jungles, crossing oceans, and forcing the development of new airplanes, it was Trippe's airline and his vision. A global pioneer, Pan Am was the first airline to use radio communications, to employ cabin attendants and serve meals aloft, and to complete an around-the-world flight. The company's achievements were legendary, but its failures, tragedies, and disasters were also part of a complex corporate life.

The Oxford Companion to the American Musical

The Oxford Companion to the American Musical

Author: Thomas S. Hischak

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199887323

Category: Performing Arts


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From the silver screen to the Great White Way, small community theatres to television sets, the musical has long held a special place in America's heart and history. Now, in The Oxford Companion to the American Musical, readers who flocked to the movies to see An American in Paris or Chicago, lined up for tickets to West Side Story or Rent, or crowded around their TVs to watch Cinderella or High School Musical can finally turn to a single book for details about them all. For the first time, this popular subject has an engaging and authoritative book as thrilling as the performances themselves. With more than two thousand entries, this illustrated guide offers a wealth of information on musicals, performers, composers, lyricists, producers, choreographers, and much more. Biographical entries range from early stars Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, and Mae West to contemporary show-stoppers Nathan Lane, Savion Glover, and Kristin Chenoweth, while composers Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, and Andrew Lloyd Webber all have articles, and the choreography of Bob Fosse, Tommy Tune, and Debbie Allen receives due examination. The plays and films covered range from modern hits like Mamma Mia! and Moulin Rouge! to timeless classics such as Yankee Doodle Dandy and Show Boat. Also, numerous musicals written specifically for television appear throughout, and many entries follow a work-Babes in Toyland for example-as it moves across genres, from stage, to film, to television. The Companion also includes cross references, a comprehensive listing of recommended recordings and further reading, a useful chronology of all the musicals described in the book, plus a complete index of Tony Award and Academy Award winners. Whether you are curious about Singin' in the Rain or Spamalot, or simply adore The Wizard of Oz or Grease, this well-researched and entertaining resource is the first place to turn for reliable information on virtually every aspect of the American musical.

Hollywood Musicals Year by Year

Hollywood Musicals Year by Year

Author: Stanley Green

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 0634007653

Category: Music

Page: 412

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A chronologically arranged reference book on the Hollywood musical, with each entry including pertinent facts about a film and a brief essay about the plot and production. Includes hundreds of black & white stills.

Race in American Film: Voices and Visions that Shaped a Nation [3 volumes]

Race in American Film: Voices and Visions that Shaped a Nation [3 volumes]

Author: Daniel Bernardi

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313398407

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1026

View: 864

This expansive three-volume set investigates racial representation in film, providing an authoritative cross-section of the most racially significant films, actors, directors, and movements in American cinematic history. • Views the films via a historical approach in which every subject is considered both through a contemporary lens and in terms of the time of its production and initial reception • Provides up-to-date information on recent movies such as Selma (2014), The Fast and The Furious (2001–2015), 12 Years a Slave (2013), Django Unchained (2012), and Lone Survivor (2013) • Provides readers with the information and background necessary to form informed views about racial representation in film—still an important "hot-button" subject today • Edited by top scholars in the field, Daniel Bernardi and Michael Green, and contains entries by other important experts, such as Andrew Gordon and Priscilla Ovalle

Hit Songs, 1900-1955

Hit Songs, 1900-1955

Author: Don Tyler

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786429462

Category: Music

Page: 555

View: 178

This is a chronology of the most famous songs from the years before rock 'n' roll. The top hits for each year are described, including vital information such as song origin, artist(s), and chart information. For many songs, the author includes any web or library holdings of sheet music covers, musical scores, and free audio files. An extensive collection of biographical sketches follows, providing performing credits, relevant professional awards, and brief biographies for hundreds of the era's most popular performers, lyricists, and composers. Includes an alphabetical song index and bibliography.