West Aegean

West Aegean

Author: Rod Heikell

Publisher: Imray, Laurie, Norie and Wilson Ltd

ISBN: 9781786790897

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 316

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Rod and Lucinda Heikell's West Aegean covers the coasts and islands near Athens, the adjacent islands in the Cyclades and the Eastern Peloponnisos to Monemvasia. Also covered is the mainland coast of Greece from Sounion to Volos and the adjacent coast of Evia, and the Northern Sporades including Skiathos and Skopelos.

Canadian Oxford World Atlas

Canadian Oxford World Atlas

Author: Oxford University Press (Canada)

Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195418980

Category: Atlases

Page: 223

View: 344

This new fifth edition of Canada's bestselling atlas is truly outstanding. Completely up-to-date, it features a new cleaner fou-colour design that improves readability, and results in greater accuracy and more vibrant maps. many of the standard maps that proved popular in earlier editions havebeen retained, and many exciting new maps have been added. New thematic maps include such topical subjects as cyberspace, travel and tourism, and world climatic hazards. In addition easy-to-read political maps have been added to introduce each continental section. With forty-seven pages of Canadianmaps and ninety pages of maps covering regions other than Canada, and over thirty-five pages of statistical charts and graphs, the Canadian Oxford World Atlas is a comprehensive, yet affordable, choice. Of course, any changes to country names and boundries have been incorporated, and statisticalmaterial now reflects the most up-to-date data available from the 2001 Canadian census.

Das linearbandkeramische Gräberfeld von Kleinhadersdorf

Das linearbandkeramische Gräberfeld von Kleinhadersdorf

Author: Christine Neugebauer-Maresch


ISBN: 3700178549

Category: Antiquities, Prehistoric


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The publication gives a complete documentation of the old rescue excavations by Josef Bayer and Viktor Lebzelter in 1931 as well as of the systematic investigations of the Neolithic cemetery under the direction of Johannes-Wolfgang Neugebauer and Christine Neugebauer-Maresch between 1987-1991. The burial customs of this early farming population are analyzed together with the grave goods, which comprise an exceptionally large number of grinding stones, as well as ceramics, bone tools, shell ornaments, chert and traces of red ochre. The results of analyses of anthropological remains pertaining to 57 inhumations - more than half of the bodies were oriented SE-NW and the majority buried in a crouched position on the left side - are complemented by 14C-dates and isotope-analyses.