Kids and Alcohol, the Deadliest Drug

Kids and Alcohol, the Deadliest Drug

Author: Stanley L. Englebardt

Publisher: William Morrow & Company

ISBN: 0688417175

Category: Political Science

Page: 64

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An introduction to alcohol--what it is, how it affects the body, why some people become problem drinkers, and how to recognize, prevent, and treat alcoholism.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

Author: Kim Etingoff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781422288306

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Drugs and alcohol are dangerous no matter how old you are, but for kids, the risks of using drugs or alcohol are even more serious. Even though many young people know that drugs and alcohol can be deadly, they still put themselves in harm's way by using these unsafe substances.

Dealing With Drugs

Dealing With Drugs

Author: RD king

Publisher: 大賢者外語


Category: Self-Help


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Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Dealing With Drugs! As a parent, you want the best for your kids. That is the reason why when drugs are involved, you should be very careful in discussing everything about drugs especially the risks associated with these. No parent, family or child is immune to the effects of a drug. Several kids may end up in trouble even if they are the best and have made some efforts to avoid drugs. In fact, even some were provided with a proper guidance from their parents end up abusing drugs for various reasons. There are also particular groups of kids that may be more likely to use drugs compared to others. Kids who have friends who use drugs tend to try drugs too. So, it is important to know your kid’s friends and parents as well. Always be involved with your kids’ lives. If the school of your child is running an anti-drug program, you should get involved. This will might give you some knowledge, which you can use when talking to your children about the risks of drugs. Parents are role models for children to the point that they greatly influence child’s behavior and other aspects of their lives. Find some time talking to your children about drugs. In this book, you will the different ways on how you could explain everything about drugs and being connected to your children’s lives. Drug Basics Pick The Right Time and Have The Right Attitude Be Creative In Explaining The Risks Explain The Advantages of Being Drug and Alcohol Free Make Sure You Are A Good Role Model The Dangers In Not Having the Drug Talk

Helping Your Child Be Healthy and Fit

Helping Your Child Be Healthy and Fit


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788102516


Page: 52

View: 660

Easy and fun activities to do with your child from 3-8 years old to help them build healthy eating and exercise behaviors.

Helping Your Child be Healthy and Fit

Helping Your Child be Healthy and Fit

Author: Carol S. Katzman


ISBN: SRLF:AA0002148344

Category: Active learning

Page: 52

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Discusses the importance of children learning to be healthy and physically fit. Includes activities for emphasizing such concepts as nutrition, play, feelings, self-concept, cleanliness and exercise.

Health Education

Health Education

Author: Marion C. Chafetz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 030640754X

Category: Medical

Page: 294

View: 297

Summary: 1197 entries to books dealing with current topics of disease prevention and health promotion. Intended for layman and health personnel. Covers specific areas of aging, alcoholism and drug abuse, fitness and exercise, nutrition, women's health, health education, environment, industry, and mental health. Each entry gives bibliographic information and annotation. Author index

When Someone You Love Abuses Alcohol Or Drugs - A Guide for Kids

When Someone You Love Abuses Alcohol Or Drugs - A Guide for Kids

Author: James J. Crist

Publisher: Wellness Institute, Inc.

ISBN: 1587411199

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 116

View: 859

About The BookThis easy to read book is designed for kids who have a parent or other loved one who abuses alcohol or drugs. The shame, anger, and guilt associated with such an experience can be a burden these individuals carry on into adulthood. WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE ABUSES ALCOLHOL OR DRUGS - A GUIDE FOR KIDS provides valuable information for teenagers who have a loved abusing drugs or alcohol. It answers questions kids have when a loved one is a substance abuser. Yes - their mother or father can still love them even though they abuse alcohol or drugs. Yes - even though a person may sometimes do bad things when he or she abuses alcohol or drugs he or she can still be a good person. Any kid who has a loved one abusing alcohol or drugs will find this book quite helpful."An excellent book for any young person who has a loved one abusing alcohol or drugs."Brian DesRoche, Ph.D.Author, RECLAIMING YOURSELF"Must reading for any teenager with substance abusing parent(s)."Don Fontenelle, Ph.D.Author, HOW TO BE A GOOD PARENTAbout The Author: James J. Crist, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and acertified substance abuse counselor with the Child and Family CounselingCenter in Woodbridge, Virginia. He helps people of all ages withalcohol, drug, and other problems. He is also an adjunct faculty memberat Argosy University. Dr. Crist is a graduate of Williams College inMassachusetts and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, wherehe earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Teens Under the Influence

Teens Under the Influence

Author: Katherine Ketcham

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307491718

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 432

View: 581

Across the United States, in small towns and major cities, in suburbs and slums, in public and private schools, thousands of kids are experimenting with drugs. Many of them will become addicts; some will die. The first and only book to focus entirely on adolescent alcohol and other drug use, Teens Under the Influence addresses the immediate dangers that threaten these kids—exploring the short- and long-term effects of their addiction and giving parents solid, sensitive, practical advice to combat this growing epidemic. Knowledge is the key to defeating drug addictions, and that is what this comprehensive, timely new book provides. Full of candid true stories from adolescent drug users, with facts based on the most recent scientific research, Teens Under the Influence tells you exactly what you need to know to deal with your child’s problem, covering such important topics as • The common myths and misconceptions about drug addiction • The crucial differences between adult and adolescent dependency • The reasons kids get hooked • The stages of adolescent addiction • The different kinds of drugs kids use and combine • Various treatment options and how to choose the best treatment for your child • Strategies for handling relapses Teens Under the Influence offers practical help that may save your child’s life. It may save the life of a friend. And it may save your own.

Drinking and Drugs?

Drinking and Drugs?

Author: Louise Spilsbury

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780766099722

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 50

View: 852

Drug use and abuse is a serious problem for teenagers and adults alike. In this guide, readers will learn how to deal with addiction, how to avoid peer pressure to use, and how to get help and make healthy choices. From alcohol and nicotine to marijuana and heroin, each drug has dangerous short- and long-term effects on the body, some of which can be life-threatening and lead to lethal overdose. Even painkillers prescribed by a doctor can become addictive and harmful. Readers will be inspired to make healthy choices and avoid drugs.