Personality and Power

Personality and Power

Author: Ian Kershaw

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780141998244

Category: History

Page: 327

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One of the great historians of our age asks: how far can a single leader alter the course of history? The modern era saw the emergence of individuals who had command over a terrifying array of instruments of control, persuasion and death. Whole societies were re-shaped and wars fought, often with a merciless contempt for the most basic norms. At the summit of these societies were leaders whose personalities had somehow given them the ability to do whatever they wished. Ian Kershaw's new book is a compelling, lucid and challenging attempt to understand these rulers, whether operating on the widest stage (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini) or with a more national impact (Tito, Franco). What was it about these leaders and the times they lived in that allowed them such untrammelled and murderous power? And what brought that era to an end? In a contrasting group of profiles, from Churchill to de Gaulle, Adenauer to Gorbachev, and Thatcher to Kohl, Kershaw uses his exceptional skills to think through how other, strikingly different figures wielded power.

Power and Personality

Power and Personality

Author: Harold D. Lasswell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1138530573


Page: 278

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This book concerns the wanting, getting, and giving of power. Recent advances in medicine, sociology, and psychology have deepened our understanding of the motives, skills, and experience that operate between leaders and those who are led. Since power is about decision-making, it figures not only in offi cial institutions but in other organizations, including political parties, pressure groups, trade associations, business enterprises, trade unions, and many other types of organizations. A general theory of the political personality is set forth here. Lasswell describes the process by which power becomes a value of first importance and the way appropriate skills in exercising power are acquired. He shows that special political types such as agitators or administrators are related to basic types of character that contribute to how they lead. Finally, his analysis offers original perspectives to understand democratic leadership. Lasswell offers definite suggestions for perfecting "self-observatories" in national and world affairs and for forming democratic personalities, selecting and training democratic leaders, and reducing destructive conflicts in human relationships. Power and Personalityfollowed the author's 1930 work Psychopathology and Politics, which was widely hailed for its pioneering approach. Power and Personalityreevaluated the entire issue of the relationship between psychology and politics in the light of subsequent experience and scientific developments since publication of that earlier work. Lasswell's ideas continue to carry great weight and persuasiveness.

Human Relations

Human Relations

Author: Marie Dalton

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781111786267

Category: Self-Help

Page: 576

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This contemporary text will connect you with current human relations issues and the challenges your students will encounter in the twenty-first century. Human Relations, 4e prepares students to confidently put theory into action to get the results they want. Authors Dalton, Hoyle, and Watts use a unique approach that offers students the opportunity to experience and analyze firsthand the contemporary issues of human relations. By weaving their varied professional backgrounds and knowledge into every chapter, they provide the insight and awareness that comes only from real-life experience. With its improved design and focus on new, contemporary topics, HUMAN RELATIONS 4e once again delivers a dynamic and real-world perspective to the study of human relations. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality

Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality

Author: Timothy Leary

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781592447763

Category: Psychology

Page: 538

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In the decade before he became the highly controversial director of psychedelic drug research at Harvard, Timothy Leary was one of the leading clinical psychologists practicing in the U.S., heading the prestigious Kaiser Foundation Psychological Research Center in Oakland. INTERPERSONAL DIAGNOSIS OF PERSONALITY (1957), his first full-length book, summarizes the innovative experimental studies in interpersonal behavior performed by the author and his associates at the Kaiser Foundation and in private practice between 1950 and 1957.

Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders


Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197574416

Category: Medical


View: 599

Personality DisordersÂis an up-to-date, evidence-based, and accessibly written review to assist psychiatry, psychology, social work, and mental health trainees and seasoned practitioners in their understanding and treatment of patients with various personality styles and personality disorders. The work is divided into three sections, which include clinical illustrations and wisdom from well-known expert clinicians. Section I provides an overview of the assessment of personality styles and disorders and a general clinical approach, including epidemiology, interviewing, and developing a categorical and trait diagnosis. Section II describes the major evidence-based multi-clinical treatment approaches for personality disorders, such as general management, cognitive and behavioral therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapies, schema focused psychotherapy, mentalization-based treatment, and family and group therapy. Section III covers the major specific personality disorders, their treatments, and management of relevant co-morbidities. Each chapter offers key point summaries, provides useful resources for patients, and scholarly references for psychiatry trainees and clinicians. Chapters are written from a bio-psycho-social-cultural perspective using either a single theoretical approach or a multi-modal treatment approach. This book is the most comprehensive guide to personality disorders to date, detailing a wide array of multi-theoretical and inclusive clinical treatment approaches.

The Abusive Personality, Second Edition

The Abusive Personality, Second Edition

Author: Donald G. Dutton

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1606237403

Category: Psychology

Page: 262

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This influential book provides an innovative framework for understanding and treating intimate partner violence. Integrating a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives, Donald G. Dutton demonstrates that male abusiveness is more than just a learned pattern of behavior--it is the outgrowth of a particular personality configuration. He illuminates the development of the abusive personality from early childhood to adulthood and presents an evidence-based treatment approach designed to meet this population's unique needs. The second edition features two new chapters on the neurobiological roots of abusive behavior and the development of abusiveness in females.

The Power of Personality

The Power of Personality

Author: Sylvia Loehken

Publisher: John Murray

ISBN: 1444792822

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

View: 573

Management writers have come up with many tools for explaining how different types of personalities can work best together. But they have ignored the most important personality difference of all - the difference between introverts and extroverts. This book is the first book to fill that gap. This book follows up from Sylvia Loehken's international bestseller Quiet Impact, published in the UK in June, and will be required reading for all managers and anyone who wants to understand their colleagues better.