What Price Power

What Price Power

Author: Frieda Birnbaum

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 9780741424938

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 217

View: 764

" ... When a woman decides to expand her options and to pursue a professional career during an already established marriage, as many women do, she may experience profound changes in her marriage and unfortunately, divorce often results. Dr. Birnbaum has counseled many women and couples experiencing this crisis. Her enormous success in helping couples to bridge the transition and to have a more exciting fulfilling relationship, motivated her to conduct an in-depth study of the dynamics of the professional woman in a relationship. What price power contains the results of her study along with her very successful methodology."--Adapted from page 4 of cover

Strategic Power Plant Investment Planning Under Fuel and Carbon Price Uncertainty

Strategic Power Plant Investment Planning Under Fuel and Carbon Price Uncertainty

Author: Ansgar Geiger

Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing

ISBN: 9783866446335

Category: Business

Page: 338

View: 330

The profitability of power plant investments depends strongly on uncertain fuel and carbon prices. In this doctoral thesis, we combine fundamental electricity market models with stochastic dynamic programming to evaluate power plant investments under uncertainty. The application of interpolation-based stochastic dynamic programming and approximate dynamic programming allows us to consider a greater variety of stochastic fuel and carbon price scenarios compared to other approaches.

Solar Power Generation Problems, Solutions, and Monitoring

Solar Power Generation Problems, Solutions, and Monitoring

Author: Peter Gevorkian

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316660058

Category: Science


View: 341

Solar Power Generation Problems, Solutions, and Monitoring is a valuable resource for researchers, professionals and graduate students interested in solar power system design. Written to serve as a pragmatic resource for solar photovoltaic power systems financing, it outlines real-life, straightforward design methodology. Using numerous examples, illustrations and an easy to follow design methodology, Peter Gevorkian discusses some of the most significant issues that concern solar power generation including: power output; energy monitoring and energy output enhancement; fault detection; fire and life safety hazard mitigation; and detailed hardware, firmware and software analytic solutions required to resolve solar power technology shortcomings. This essential reference also highlights the significant issues associated with large scale solar photovoltaic and solar power generation technology covering design, construction, deployment and fault detection monitoring as well as life safety hazards.

Hydropower Economics

Hydropower Economics

Author: Finn R. Førsund

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781489975195

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 326

View: 376

This is a thorough revision of the 2007 publication, and includes five new chapters and brings all existing chapters completely up to date. There have been many advances in hydropower and renewable technologies since the original publication, and Europe, and particularly Scandinavia, plan many more in the coming years. From a review of the original edition: “... it is important to note that the author deals well with his selected topics. ... I recommend this book to all readers who wish to learn more about the economics of hydroelectric power." (Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Interfaces, Vol. 39 (1), January-February, 2009)

Planning for Power Advertising

Planning for Power Advertising

Author: Anand Halve

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788132102106

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 720

This book is a step-by-step guide to producing a sound foundation for advertising: one that will serve as the springboard to inspire powerful creative expression. Rich in cases from the evolving Indian context, Planning for Power Advertising offers an understanding of how strategic advertising is created. It takes the reader through cases and analyses of what worked or did not work in the marketplace. Anand Halve involves the reader throughout in exercises with Action Points at the end of most chapters—an approach that brings alive the concepts within, and helps readers discover the theory in practice. For advertising professionals, this is a manual to create a robust advertising brief. For students of advertising and marketing, Planning for Power Advertising is a simulation exercise from which they will learn how to apply the principles that will help them in their future careers. And for professionals in areas related to advertising—such as media, event management and PR—this book provides an insight into how the strategic underpinning of advertising is built.

Nixon's Gamble

Nixon's Gamble

Author: Ray Locker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493019458

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 355

After being sworn in as president, Richard Nixon told the assembled crowd that “government will listen. ... Those who have been left out, we will try to bring in.” But that same day, he obliterated those pledges of greater citizen control of government by signing National Security Decision Memorandum 2, a document that made sweeping changes to the national security power structure. Nixon’s signature erased the influence that the departments of State and Defense, as well as the CIA, had over Vietnam and the course of the Cold War. The new structure put Nixon at the center, surrounded by loyal aides and a new national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, who coordinated policy through the National Security Council under Nixon’s command. Using years of research and revelations from newly released documents, USA Today reporter Ray Locker upends much of the conventional wisdom about the Nixon administration and its impact and shows how the creation of this secret, unprecedented, extra-constitutional government undermined U.S. policy and values. In doing so, Nixon sowed the seeds of his own destruction by creating a climate of secrecy, paranoia, and reprisal that still affects Washington today.

Energy and Transport in Green Transition

Energy and Transport in Green Transition

Author: Atle Midttun

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317644279

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

View: 726

This book breaks new ground in the studies of green transition. It frames the ongoing transformation in terms of a "battle of modernities" with the emerging vision of ecomodernity as the final destination. It also offers a systematic exploration of the potential for extensive transformation of carbon-intensive sectors – with a focus on energy and transport – towards a low or post-carbon economy. The book does so in a comparative perspective, by pointing to a diversity of techno-economic and institutional solutions in the mature Western economies, and in the rapidly growing East and developing South. The contributors highlight a broad spectrum of available alternatives as well as illuminate conflicting interests involved. They also demonstrate how solutions to the climate challenge require parallel technological and governance innovation. The book advocates a new, overarching vision and agenda of ecomodernity – based on a synergistic paradigm-shift in industry, politics and culture – to trigger and sustain the ecological innovation necessary to tip development in a green direction. This vision cannot be monolithic; rather, it should reflect the diverse interests and conditions of the global population. This book is aimed at researchers and postgraduate students of energy, transport, environmental and climate policies, as well as development, environment, innovation and sustainability.

Digital Computer Applications to Process Control

Digital Computer Applications to Process Control

Author: M. Paul

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483298139

Category: Science

Page: 616

View: 869

Considers the application of modern control engineering on digital computers with a view to improving productivity and product quality, easing supervision of industrial processes and reducing energy consumption and pollution. The topics covered may be divided into two main subject areas: (1) applications of digital control - in the chemical and oil industries, in water turbines, energy and power systems, robotics and manufacturing, cement, metallurgical processes, traffic control, heating and cooling; (2) systems theoretical aspects of digital control - adaptive systems, control aspects, multivariable systems, optimization and reliability, modelling and identification, real-time software and languages, distributed systems and data networks. Contains 84 papers.