The Whale at the End of the World

The Whale at the End of the World

Author: John Ironmonger

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780297608226

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Previously published as NOT FORGETTING THE WHALE THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER 'A gentle and uplifting tale of warding off apocalypse in a remote corner of Cornwall . . . charming' Financial Times For fans of ELEANOR OLIPHANT, THE ROSIE PROJECT & THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY. It all began with the whale. When a young man washes up on the sands of St Piran in Cornwall, it is clear to the villagers that this is not a regular day. What has brought him here? And what is the crisis only he understands, that threatens not only their community but all of civilisation? With a global pandemic on the horizon, and a whale lurking in the bay, the villagers of St Piran must band together to survive. Intimate, funny and heart-warming, John Ironmonger tells a compelling story about the important things that hold us together, and how hope can be found, even at the end of the world. 'Fun, uplifting, charming' Financial Times 'A warm-hearted book crammed with ideas . . . very, very good' Emerald Street 'A tremendously enjoyable book' Independent on Sunday

Reading the Way to the Netherworld

Reading the Way to the Netherworld

Author: Gabriela Ryser

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783647540306

Category: Religion

Page: 551

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The volume focuses on the various representations of the Beyond in later Antiquity, a period of intense interaction and competition between various religious traditions and ideals of education. The concepts and images clustering around the Beyond form a crucial focal point for understanding the dynamics of religion and education in later Antiquity. Although Christianity gradually supersedes the pagan traditions, the literary representations of the Beyond derived from classical literature and transmitted through the texts read at school show a remarkable persistence: they influence Christian late antique writers and are still alive in medieval literature of the East and West. A specifically Christian Beyond develops only gradually, and coexists subsequently with pagan ideas, which in turn vary according to the respective literary and philosophical contexts. Thus, the various conceptualisations of the great existential unknown, serves here as a point of reference for mirroring the changes and continuities in Imperial and Late Antique religion, education, and culture, and opening up further perspectives into the Medieval world.



Author: United States. Congress. House


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Author: Anne Crosby

Publisher: Paul Dry Books

ISBN: 9781589880269

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 354

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"Crosby creates a beautiful portrait of Matthew throughout his years…Crosby's memoir, both humorous and sad, is raw in emotion and unflinching in its honesty."—Publishers Weekly

"Anne Crosby has written a chronicle of caring—an account of a life that is at once painful, mysterious, and transformative. From draconian institutions to matronly neighbors to adoring friends, Matthew, his parents, and his sister travel a road of full of struggle, humor, and the unknown. This book will remind all people of good will of the enormous struggle that so many families have had to endure to gain even the simplest sense of dignity."—Timothy Shriver, Chairman, Special Olympics

From the moment she held him in her arms, Anne Crosby had deep fears for her newborn son. Although the staff at the hospital in London paid no attention to her concerns, her instincts were correct: Matthew had Down syndrome. After struggling with her contradictory feelings, Crosby set about doing whatever she could to help Matthew lead as full a life as possible.

Matthew is the moving, honest, perceptive, and often funny account of the life he made with the help of his mother and many other caring people. With an eye for detail and an acute ear for voices, Crosby describes Matthew's family and friends, doctors and teachers—a large cast that includes Gladys Strong, his Cockney caregiver, the famous child psychologist D.W. Winnicott, and Princess Anne, a benefactor of Matthew's boarding school. Crosby evokes the forbidding atmosphere of Normansfield, the residential institution founded by the doctor who gave his name to Down syndrome; the spaciousness of Mentmore, the country estate where she often took Matthew to play; and the touching camaraderie of the hospital ward in which Matthew died of heart failure at age twenty-five.

In this remarkable memoir, Crosby also explores Matthew's inner life, telling of his mimicry and unexpected humor, his outbursts of affection and occasional fits of misery, his gallantry toward his first love, and his disappointment over the loss of his first job. Crosby's portrait gives us an image of Matthew that deepens our understanding of what it means to be human.

"I knew and liked and respected Matthew. I thought he merited a biography, and I'm very glad that he now has one, especially that it is such a very good one. In this singular story, Anne Crosby tells us of Matthew's outer and inner life: his sad acceptances, his capacity to love and fall in love, his ambitions and their fulfillment, and his idiosyncratic sense of humor. Anne Crosby is able to tell us all this because, as we learn again from this book, love and knowledge are very much related. Matthew was a mystery to many. But because his mother empathized with him so keenly and has captured him so precisely with her sharp intelligence and brilliant powers as a writer, Matthew comes to us in this gripping book as a whole and delightful and unforgettable person."—Galway Kinnell

How It Ended

How It Ended

Author: Jay McInerney

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307271525

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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From the writer whose first novel, Bright Lights, Big City, defined a generation, a collection of twenty-six stories, new and old, that trace the arc of his career for nearly three decades.

Nambin: The Call

Nambin: The Call

Author: James L. Mayle

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781646108350

Category: Fiction

Page: 190

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Nambin: The Call By: James L. Mayle Nambin: The Call is the first of author James L. Mayle’s thrilling fantasy series, Nambin. In this Shonnen Manga novel, Mayle is able to depict friendship, hard work, and victory through his characters and the world of Nambin, but more than that, there’s also much multi layered nuance. It’s about moving forward, finding home, finding love, becoming comfortable in your own skin, good and evil, and badass battles. Mayle originally began Nambin as a form of self-medication. He was going through some tough times, and writing helped take him away to another world. Soon, it became a literal and figurative escape. Mayle hopes his readers find happiness through the story and are able to escape to the world of Nambin just as he had when writing it. The world can be a very dark place, and Mayle wants Nambin to be a light. He wants his readers to know things do get better, you just have to believe and push forward.

Six Degrees

Six Degrees

Author: Brown, Honey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781925183252

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Weaving an intricate web of interconnected characters and their six stories, Six Degrees explores the powerful role sexual attraction plays in everyday life. Written by Honey Brown, best selling author of several critically acclaimed novels, Six Degrees is Honey’s first exploit into rural romance. Strong female protagonists lead a cast of characters with lives we recognize and know, crossing paths in intimate, surprising and erotic ways. The ripple effect of one tragic event shapes each character’s experiences, but in the end it is their individual need for connection that truly binds them. Six Degrees uses the allure, the action or the absence of physical connection to explore these everyday character’s flaws, quirks and strengths. For the first time, Honey has made sexual attraction the intriguing hero of each story.