The Reign of Arthur

The Reign of Arthur

Author: Christopher Gidlow

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752495156

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Did King Arthur really exist? The Reign of Arthur takes a fresh look at the early sources describing Arthur's career and compares them to the reality of Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. It presents, for the first time, both the most up to date scholarship and a convincing case for the existence of a real sixth-century British general called Arthur. Where others speculate wildly or else avoid the issue, Gidlow, remaining faithful to the sources, deals directly with the central issue of interest to the general reader: does the Arthur that we read of in the ninth-century sources have any link to a real leader of the fifth or sixth century? Was Arthur a powerful king or a Dark Age general co-cordinating the British resistance to Saxon invaders? Detailed analysis of the key Arthurian sources, contemporary testimony and archaeology reveals the reality of fragmented British kingdoms uniting under a single military command to defeat the Saxons. There is plausible and convincing evidence for the existence of their war-leader, and, in this challenging and provocative work, Gidlow concludes that the Dark Age hypothesis of Arthur, War-leader of the Kings of the Britons, not only fits the facts, it is the only way of making sense of them.

The Reign of King Henry VI

The Reign of King Henry VI

Author: Ralph A. Griffiths

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520308381

Category: History

Page: 1024

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Author: Michael Kelly


ISBN: 9781916208612


Page: 384

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The story of the Arthur family of Limerick who are the only Arthur Family who originated in Ireland. The family were successful merchants in Limerick City for hundreds of years. This story follows them in so far as possible down to the present day. It is a family who now have members in many different places all over the world