The Sacramento Resource Directory 2012 Edition

The Sacramento Resource Directory 2012 Edition

Author: OneFathersLove

Publisher: Sacramento Resoures

ISBN: 9781470199067

Category: Social Science

Page: 107

View: 908

Directory of Human Services, including any faith-based and non-profit community organizations listed together. This publication is the most comprehensive directory of resources in Sacramento, CA. Updated annually. The Sacramento Resource Directory contains 749 Direct Services of vital information needed to successfully locate community services for income-eligible individuals and families with additional community public agency programs designed to empower disadvantaged populations living within the Sacramento, CA community. Please call (916) 51-4NEED (6333) for more information.

The United States Government Internet Directory, 2012

The United States Government Internet Directory, 2012

Author: Shana Hertz Hattis

Publisher: Bernan Press

ISBN: 9781598885354

Category: Reference

Page: 610

View: 954

Discover the depth of government information and services available online. The United States Government Internet Directory serves as a guide to the changing landscape of government information online. The Directory is an indispensable guidebook for anyone who is looking for official U.S. government resources on the Web. The U.S. government's online information is massive and can be difficult to locate. Many government sites are part of the "Deep Web" with content that does not surface or surface easily with even the most popular search engines. It is more important than ever to have a source that serves as an authoritative guide to the federal Web. The United States Government Internet Directory navigates the maze of data and locate the materials that you seek. The subject-based approach of this book allows you to browse for relevant sites in your field of interest rather than sift through hundreds of search results or try to guess which federal agency to consult. Researchers, business people, teachers, students, and citizens in the United States and around the world can navigate the labyrinthine federal Web with The United States Government Internet Directory. The Directory: contains more than 2,000 Web site records, organized into 20 subject themed chapters includes topics on a wide-range of subjects including employment, energy, defense and intelligence, culture and recreation, and much more provides descriptions and URLs for each site describes sites to help you choose the proper resource notes the useful or unique aspects of the site lists some of the major government publications hosted on the site contains useful, up-to-date organizational charts for the major federal government agencies provides a roster of congressional members with member's Web sites lists House and Senate Committees with committee URLs includes a one-page Quick Guide to the major federal agencies and the leading online library, data source, and finding aid sites identifies the major government Web sites related to the global recession and new government economic recovery programs contains multiple indexes in the back of the book to help the user locate Web sites by agency, site name, subject, and government publication title

Renal Resource Guide

Renal Resource Guide

Author: Dave Capper

Publisher: Dave Capper

ISBN: 9781451596236

Category: Reference

Page: 337

View: 604

A resource guide to assistance and aid for those with renal failure. Find resources to assist with such things as transportation, medical bills, prescription drugs, independent living, income assistance and much more. While some resources listed here also offer goods and services to those with other disabilities, others may only offer their goods and services to those with renal failure or renal disease. Each have their own focus and requirements.

Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Apprenticeship Programs, Third Edition, 2-Volume Set

Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Apprenticeship Programs, Third Edition, 2-Volume Set

Author: Elizabeth H. Oakes

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438110448

Category: Apprenticeship programs

Page: 981

View: 192

Each two-volume book contains four major sections: . - Introduction and Overview: Provides forewords by notables in the field and an outline of the book. - Essays: Features eight to 10 essays on topics such as workplace issues, financial aid, diversity, and more. - Directory: Contains descriptions and contact information for hundreds of organizations, schools, and associations, arranged by topic. - Further Resources/Indexes: Includes glossaries, appendixes, further reading, and indexes

Rethinking the Green State

Rethinking the Green State

Author: Karin Bäckstrand

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317646792

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 278

View: 367

This innovative book is one of the first to conduct a systematic comprehensive analysis of the ideals and practices of the evolving green state. It draws on elements of political theory, feminist theory, post-structuralism, governance and institutional theory to conceptualise the green state and advances thinking on how to understand its emergence in the context of climate and sustainability transitions. Focusing on the state as an actor in environmental, climate and sustainability politics, the book explores different principles guiding the emergence of the green state and examines the performance of states and institutional responses to the sustainable and climate transitions in the European and Nordic context in particular. The book’s unique focus on the Nordic countries underlines the important to learn from Nordics, which are perceived to be in the forefront of climate and sustainability governance as well as historically strong welfare states. With chapter contributions from leading international scholars in political science, sociology, economics, energy and environmental systems and climate policy studies, this book will be of great value to postgraduate students and researchers working on sustainability transitions, environmental politics and governance, and those with an area studies focus on the Nordic countries.

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms: Mathematics, Grades 3–5

Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms: Mathematics, Grades 3–5

Author: Margo Gottlieb

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452278087

Category: Education

Page: 201

View: 221

Make every student fluent in the language of learning. The Common Core and ELD standards provide pathways to academic success through academic language. Using an integrated Curricular Framework, districts, schools and professional learning communities can: Design and implement thematic units for learning Draw from content and language standards to set targets for all students Examine standards-centered materials for academic language Collaborate in planning instruction and assessment within and across lessons Consider linguistic and cultural resources of the students Create differentiated content and language objectives Delve deeply into instructional strategies involving academic language Reflect on teaching and learning

The North American Muslim Resource Guide

The North American Muslim Resource Guide

Author: Mohamed Nimer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135355166

Category: Reference

Page: 288

View: 811

This useful resource provides basic information about Islamic life in the United States. Coverage includes population statistics and analysis, as well as immigration information that tracks the settlement of Islamic people in the America. The guide contains contact information for mosques, community organizations, schools, women's groups, media, and student groups. Recent Islamic-American events over the past five years are also reviewed. To see the Introduction, the table of contents, a generous selection of sample pages, and more, visit the The North American Muslim Resource Guide website.

A Research Guide to Cartographic Resources

A Research Guide to Cartographic Resources

Author: Eva H. Dodsworth

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538100844

Category: Reference

Page: 450

View: 751

This book navigates the numerous American and Canadian cartographic resources available in print, and online, offering information on how to locate and access the large variety of resources. Cartographic materials are highlighted and summarized, along with lists of map libraries and geospatial centers, and related professional associations.

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing

Author: Marc J. Rogoff

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780323221276

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 260

View: 414

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing, Second Edition, provides best-practice guidance to solid waste managers and recycling coordinators. The book covers all aspects of solid waste processing, volume reduction, and recycling, encompassing typical recyclable materials (paper, plastics, cans, and organics), construction and demolition debris, electronics, and more. It includes techniques, technologies, and programs to help maximize customer participation rates and revenues, as well as to minimize operating costs. The book is packed with lessons learned by the author during the implementation of the most successful programs worldwide, and includes numerous case studies showing how different systems work in different settings. This book also takes on industry debates such as the merits of curbside-sort versus single-stream recycling and the use of advanced technology in materials recovery facilities. It provides key facts and figures, and brief summaries of legislation in the United States, Europe, and Asia. An extensive glossary demystifies the terminology and acronyms used in different sectors and geographies. The author also explains emerging concepts in recycling such as zero waste, sustainability, LEED certification, and pay-as-you-throw, and places waste management and recycling in wider economic, environmental (sustainability), political, and societal contexts. Covers single- and mixed-waste streams Evaluates the technologies and tradeoffs of recycling of materials vs. integrated solutions, including combustion and other transformational options Covers recycling as part of the bigger picture of solid waste management, processing and disposal