The Silent Towers Speak

The Silent Towers Speak

Author: Valerie Helps

Publisher: Vanguard Press

ISBN: 1784659770

Category: Peloponnesus (Greece : Peninsula)

Page: 287

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THE SILENT TOWERS SPEAK - Secrets of the Deep Mani ARTWORK VALERIE HELPS AND GEOFFREY BULL The Silent Towers Speak is Valerie's third illustrated book. It tells of her exciting life exploring a remote region of the southern Peloponnese with her partner, Geoffrey. This book, based on her journals, was written before she left Greece for France to cruise the French waterways on their canal boat; their story, The Voyages of de Villehardouin, was published in 2018. This was followed by A Third of a Pond published in 2020, describing their idyllic life in rural France and the restoration of a two-hundred-year-old farmhouse with its neglected garden. Join Valerie in the remote and barren region of the Deep Mani - a land of savage history where fleeing Spartans in the eighteenth century built their fortified villages and soaring feudal towers in the southernmost part of the Peloponnese. Valerie and Geoffrey find the harbour in Homer's mythological Odyssey where Ulysses loses twelve of his fleet to the cannibalistic Laestrygonian giants, locate crumbling Frankish castles and Nestor's Palace, enjoy an evening at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, swim in the Messenian Gulf and live life to the full.



Author: Richard Dyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136145247

Category: Art

Page: 285

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White people are not literally or symbolically white, yet they are called white. What does this mean? In Western media, whites take up the position of ordinariness, not a particular race, just the human race. How is this achieved? White takes these questions as starting points for an examination of the representation of whiteness by whites in Western visual culture. Dyer places this representation within the contexts of Christianity, 'race' and colonialism. In a series of absorbing case studies, he shows the construction of whiteness in the technology of photography and film as part of a wider 'culture of light', discusses heroic white masculinity in muscle-man action cinema, from Tarzan and Hercules to Conan and Rambo; analyses the stifling role of white women in end-of-empire fictions like The Jewel in the Crown and traces the associations of whiteness with death in Falling Down, horror movies and cult dystopian films such as Blade Runner and the Aliens trilogy.

The Towers Of Silence

The Towers Of Silence

Author: Paul Scott

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409006954

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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It is the last, bitter days of World War II and the British Raj in India is crumbling. Ensconced in the Indian Hill Station of Pankot are the English wives, mothers, daughters and widows of the officers embroiled in the ongoing conflict. With their old beliefs and assumptions under increasingly virulent attack, all eyes are upon Captain Merrick and the British military to protect them in this troubled time. But Merrick, though outwardly a consummate professional, is brutal and corrupt, and not even his machinations can stop the change that is swiftly and inevitably approaching, change which is increasingly undermining the old myth of British invincibility...

Broken Ground

Broken Ground

Author: William Logan

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231553919

Category: Literary Criticism


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In Broken Ground, William Logan explores the works of canonical and contemporary poets, rediscovering the lushness of imagination and depth of feeling that distinguish poetry as a literary art. The book includes long essays on Emily Dickinson’s envelopes, Ezra Pound’s wrestling with Chinese, Robert Frost’s letters, Philip Larkin’s train station, and Mrs. Custer’s volume of Tennyson, each teasing out the depths beneath the surface of the page. Broken Ground also presents the latest run of Logan’s infamous poetry chronicles and reviews, which for twenty-five years have bedeviled American verse. Logan believes that poetry criticism must be both adventurous and forthright—and that no reader should settle for being told that every poet is a genius. Among the poets under review by the “preeminent poet-critic of his generation” and “most hated man in American poetry” are Anne Carson, Jorie Graham, Paul Muldoon, John Ashbery, Geoffrey Hill, Louise Glück, John Berryman, Marianne Moore, Frederick Seidel, Les Murray, Yusef Komunyakaa, Sharon Olds, Johnny Cash, James Franco, and the former archbishop of Canterbury. Logan’s criticism stands on the broken ground of poetry, soaked in history and soiled by it. These essays and reviews work in the deep undercurrents of our poetry, judging the weak and the strong but finding in weakness and strength what endures.

Castle Kidnapped

Castle Kidnapped

Author: John DeChancie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575126503

Category: Fiction

Page: 125

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Castle Perilous is a magic castle full of mystery and adventure, but sometimes even magic castles can go awry. This particular castle has the power to send its guests to 144,000 alternate worlds, each a fantastic voyage to the unknown. But each voyage seems to backfire. Computer whiz kid Jeremy is stuck on a planet of golf-playing dinosaurs. Gentrified Gene finds himself on a planet overrun with amazon women where the queen has taken a particular shine to him and only the Lord of the Castle Incarnadine can stop this witty madness from shaking Castle Kidnapped to its foundations.

The Lessons

The Lessons

Author: Sandra Casey-Martus

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 9781587369773

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Come take a journey through the unknown to the known presence of God Oneness. Decipher God's language and intent. The lessons, prayer practices, and soul explanations contained in this volume will take you on the ride of your life if you open yourself to them. In one convenient text, more than two hundred topics assist you in the understanding, realization, and recognition of inner truth. Grasp the subtleties of rising, vibrating energies within an awakened consciousness-yours! The Lessons is for the truth-seeker inside you. As you read and study the Christ-centered spiritual principles within, you will come to understand how they relate to this world . . . and beyond.

Thirteenth Tower

Thirteenth Tower

Author: Sara C Snider

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9789187657016

Category: Fiction

Page: 215

View: 341

"e;. . . grows more addicting with each chapter."e; -Kirkus Reviews In adversity lies strength beyond imagining.Abandoned as a baby, young Emelyn's life as a housemaid in the quiet village of Fallow is unremarkable-and empty. That is, until a host of magical creatures arrives and inflicts terrible misdeeds on the townsfolk. Inexplicably immune to their enchantments, Emelyn joins a pair of Magi intent on stopping the cause of the trouble-and who claim to know of her parents, promising Emelyn answers to a lifetime of questions.But the answers Emelyn seeks prove to be more elusive than she hoped, and the world outside Fallow more perilous than she imagined. Magical creatures roam the land over, attacking yet another town before coming after Emelyn. The key to her survival-and finding her family-lies deep within her, if only she can conquer her doubts and believe she is more powerful than she ever dreamed.In a journey that explores facing one's fears amidst the uncertainties of an unknown world, The Thirteenth Tower is a magical tale of discovery, growth, and of love's enduring strength.